Yearly Forecast 2024-2025 (Q2-Q1)

Written By Rachael Alexander

2024 Yearly Energy Forecast

When I was little I was obsessed with astrology and numerology. It wasn’t until my 20’s that I discovered tarot and started to fall in love with the tool to communicate with my higher self in a deeper way. At first I had a love hate relationships with it because I didn’t like the idea of “predictions” or things “set in stone”. However my understanding of the tarot and all divination tools is this: it is simply a tool and does not take away from the simple divine law that the All is Mind and the Universe is Mental; which to me means however you interepret the tarot is what you’re going to get out of it.

SO in the end you’re still the creator of your reality, still the magician waving the wand, and still the person in charge of how you see what plays out next. So why listen to energy readings?

For me energy readings mark a pathway to allow more spiritual guidance, wisdom, and divine messages to be received.

Just like all those years in church listening to a pastor as a Christian growing up, the energy readings I get from tarot and oracle cards are simply guide posts. But to walk the path is still up to us. We also have the opportunity to change course at anytime any time the energy reading feel foreboding or “scary”.


There’s nothing to be afraid of when you are the creator of your reality. So I want to remind you of that going forward.

I hope you resonate with this first yearly energy reading I’m doing for the collective. Listen below:


Did you resonate?

Let me know in the comments below!


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