Learning to listen to what resonates or is in alignment for you and your particular journey is so crucial.

There are many spiritual pathways and teachings and the one that most resonates with you are the ones that your soul are here to play with.

There is no right or wrong on the spiritual path.

Because it is unique to you. Each soul is an individuated expression of the divine here to have its own unique experience. Ultimately each of our unique experience and viewpoints make up source’s experience of itself. So, your unique experience and viewpoint matters.

Which brings me back to the point of discernment. When you hear two or more conflicting spiritual viewpoints it’s because they are each valid forms of experiences and realities that that individual soul is here to have and express. So whichever one resonates more deeply with you is one that you’re free to explore next. Remember there is no rigidity.

Also discernment is important in being able to navigate relationships, beliefs, environments and ideas. Whether the relationship is a personal or a business one is important to realize whether or not the methodology, ideas, or overall direction that the relationship is going on resonates with you. There are always ways to tweak, let go of, clear, or balance the ideas, methodology, or direction so that it is a more aligned experience for you personally or professionally.

How do you develop discernment?

It is the same as developing your intuition for discernment is an aspect of your intuition letting you know what you are and aren’t here to explore and experience.

Also another note is that discernment helps you to recognize your own innate gifts as well as divine timing. If something didn’t resonate or feel good in this period of your life it doesn’t mean that it will always be that way. We all grow, shift, experience and change throughout our lives because we’re here to have a plethora of many different and unique experiences.

So recognizing your attraction to certain experiences and modes of thought and frameworks at certain times or periods in your life will let you know what “stage” or place your are in your own unique human development and spiritual journey.

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