Get The Essentials For Building A Spiritual Practice [Free Training & Guide]

Embark on a Journey to Inner Peace and Lasting Transformation: Discover the Essentials for Building a Solid Spiritual Practice and Connect with Yourself in a Deeper, More Meaningful Way. Are you ready to cultivate fulfillment, confidence, and divine guidance on your unique spiritual path?

Are you ready to connect to yourself and your life in a deeper and more meaningful way so that you feel more passionate, fulfilled, whole, satisfied, excited, and divinely guided?

What You'll Discover:

  • Steps To Inner Peace & Fulfillment
    Learn the mindset shifts to help foster lasting inner peace on your spiritual journey.
  • The Key Shifts For Lasting Change
    Build confidence and inner strength that will carry you throughout your entire life with steadiness and lasting transformation.
  • The Essentials For Creating Your Own Unique Practice
    Learn the essentials for finding your own unique rituals, practices, and tools that will work for you wherever you find yourself on your spiritual journey.

" WOW! I really enjoyed this course and I highly recommend it to anyone because you will come out feeling like a new person!!! This course was a great way to treat myself and to invest in self. 2022 is still brand new so what better way to start the year?"

Renita Burgess

Intuitive & Author

What's Inside The Training?

Welcome Message

Who This Is For

The Moment Of Truth

Mindset Shifts For Success

Elements of A Spiritual Practice
Why it’s important - Benefits of spirituality
  ~ Developing your intuition
  ~ Feeling more inner peace
Spiritual Tools used in a practice

Things To Know On Your Spiritual Journey

Things To Start With

Finding Your Own Unique Path

Next Steps

And much much more!

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What Our Students Are Saying

Cherokee - Writer

If you are thirsty and Rachael knows where the water is, she will guide you to the stream, but she will not hold you down and force you to drink it. To end your thirst, that action must come from you. Rachael has helped elevate my life by providing reassurance of where I am in the scheme of things and how to continue on my path without distraction.

Rubina - Artist & Coach

The coaching session she gave me has stayed with me: why? because all the issues I brought forth were addressed at their root cause level and clarity emerged effortlessly regarding next steps to be taken. It was very empowering and gave me a lot of food for thought as I continued integrating in the following days.
I would highly recommend working with Rachael as her coaching skills will help transform your life in a compassionate and grounded way.

Tranisha - Entrepreneur

Since our talk my daily outlook has been simply happier, my goals are reachable, and I just know that I know that I know I can do this!

Rachael’s energy allowed me to feel comfortable and heard. She was really patient, understanding, and genuine. 

Rachael Alexander

is an International Spiritual Life, Health, & Business Coach. She's helped hundreds of women & men empower their health, lives, and careers to create amazing energy, massive clarity & self care, and beautiful lives and businesses through her signature courses and programs at DivineEarthSchool.com

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