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For List Building


If you want to create nurture sequences, email campaigns, and reliable emails then this is my “go-to” email service provider. It’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t take you being a rocket scientist to create great emails and utilize their tools like other service providers.

For Websites

Thrive Themes

I’ve used this company’s wordpress themes as well as wordpress plugins for years now. They are so great not only for building websites, but also for creating sales funnels, collecting emails, creating online courses on your wordpress website, and so much more!

For websites


I’ve used this company’s hosting service for years! I’ve used just about all other services out there and these guys are the best in speed, service and even getting a professional email for your business. They have a variety of other services that are useful as well.

For Sales


Having a dedicated sales cart is crucial for having an online business. Whether it be selling my courses, digital products, or programs I’ve used ThriveCart for all of it! And the best part is that they have a lifetime one-time payment option so you never have to pay monthly!

For Websites

Divi from Elegant Themes

I’ve used this company’s wordpress themes as well as wordpress plugins for years now. They are so great helping you build what you see. As a designer it’s a pain to try to build on the back-end of your site. With their visual builder Divi makes getting your website up and live quick!

For stock photos

Envato Elements

I’ve used this company’s stock images, videos, music, and more for years now! This is a great resource if you are an online business owner that regularly puts out content and needs assets like graphics, fonts, images, videos, and the like for your business.

For Sales


If you are looking to increase engagement on your website – i.e. sales, sign up, feedback – then convertbox is awesome for this! I’ve used thrive leads for content upgrade but found it a bit cumbersome when I needed to change themes. With convertbox you don’t have to worry about your content upgrades needing to be revamped or replaced! And it does so much more than that! Definitely worth the investment in increasing sign ups and feedback.

For productivity


I’ve used this company’s project management software for a few months now and I’m in love with it. It’s pretty straightforward to use, but has a whole host of advance functionalities that I’m just starting to utilize in my business. Great tool for content & client management in general.

For Design


I’ve used this company’s design tools for years! Even as a professional designer I prefer Canva often over the other tools that I’ve been trained in simply because it’s consolidated and easy to use. They’ve improved over the years and to design pretty much anything for your business other than a logo Canva Pro is awesome!

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create your divine life & biz from the inside out

The I Am Divine Mastermind

The holistic membership that teaches you how to transform your life and business such that it is one of ease, joy, fun, fulfillment, peace, and wellbeing without hustle, struggle, or strain. The I Am Divine Mastermind Membership is the place where you come and shed old paradigms that no longer serve you, do the deep inner work, and start living and embodying the divine being that you truly are, so that every day you life feels easy rather than fucking hard or overwhelming.


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