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Join the free 5-day challenge for high achieving women that will show you how to feel confident, stand up for yourself, and achieve your dreams without self sabotage, perfectionism, people pleasing, and feeling like a horrible person all the time.

What You'll Discover:

Spoiler alert it's not wasting time just saying affirmation until you're blue in the face. In fact thinking that positive thinking alone is the exact reason high-achieving women get stuck in a cycle of people pleasing, self doubt, and perfectionism that has them living a life they don't absolutely love.

Because the only way to create radical self worth and confidence every single day is to know exactly the deep work and foundation that every unstoppable and invincible strong woman has.

  • The fastest way to banish self doubt once and for all
    We all doubt ourselves from time to time, but the difference between those who get stuck on creating their dream lives and those who don't is hidden in this secret sauce! 
  • The often overlooked secret to living your life purpose
    If you feel lost, stuck, or just like you're living life on autopilot (and not in a good way) then this missing piece is what will unlock the door for you to start living unapologetically the way you want and create massive forward momentum in your life. If feeling like you've been wanting to start that new project, business, or take that new class and you still haven't yet, this is going to help you!
  • The best way to finally love your fucking life
    Self love seems like a cliché nowadays, but in this challenge I'm going to show you how to truly start allowing abundance in all areas of your life rather than feeling like you have to sacrifice one in order to get the other. No more SELF SACRIFICING and doing shit you don't want to be doing!

Hello, I'm Rachael Alexander

And I help powerful high achieving women like you take back power over your life, stop feeling shitty all the time, and start living their lives for them so they can be confident, clear, and certain enough to create their dream lives and start finally feeling fucking happy and fulfilled. I'm a certified Life, Mindset, & Transformation Coach & Spiritual teacher and it's an honor and privilege to guide you back to your most powerful asset that you have - YOU! 

Here's The Details:

Every day you'll receive an email and a live training on 1 topic then followed by a simple activity or action step to solidify what you've just learned. You'll be able to share your progress as well as connect with other powerful divine souls.


The challenge kicks off on February 21st and ends on February 25th with a live masterclass!


You'll receive 5 daily actionable steps that you can take and start implementing in your life right away!


I'll be hosting the challenge with live trainings and Q&A's afterwards so come to learn and get your questions answered!

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