It's time to remember who you are and how powerful you truly are 

Join me in grabing this 15 minute guided meditation to remind you of your true natural state and the essence of who you really are beyond just your human form.

Remember Who You Are Is For You If:


You Desire More Self Awareness

If you are on the spiritual journey and you find that you feel a little distant from experiencing your true self beyond just your day to day human activities and want to feel connected to something deeper then this is for you.


You Desire More Peace & Serenity

Having the craziness or the hustle and bustle of life feels a bit overwhelming and you'd like to feel more calm and centered on a daily basis then this is for you.


You Want To Calm The Inner Chaos

If you want to become more aware of your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions but don't know where to start then this is for you.

About your Guide

Spiritual Life Coach

Rachael Alexander is a Transformational Life & Health Coach, & Spiritual Teacher who helps high achieving professionals take back their power over their lives, stop feeling lost and crappy all the time, and unleash their full potential so they can be confident, clear, and certain enough to create their dream lives.

A Guided Meditation

Designed to help you: remember your true self, let go of the heaviness of life, be more joyful and playful in your life, not take life so seriously, and experience more joy and fulfillment on a day-to-day basis.

Guided Meditation

This is a 15 minute video meditation with me and my Divine Team guiding you back to your true self

Bonus: Divine Laws 101

A 30+ minute audio where my Divine Team breaks down how the universe works and how we can better align with these principles to make our lives easier and more joyful

Bonus: Calm The Crazy: Meditation 101

A mini course that walks you step-by-step on how to become more mindful and meditate to calm the crazy within and invite more inner peace and flow.


When you grab your copy of the Remember Who You Are Guided Meditation I'm also going to be giving you access to my meditation 101 course: Calm The Crazy where you'll learn how to calm your monkey mind and begin to take back the power over your inner world and inner peace and sanity.

What Makes Divine Earth School Different

An online school for divine living and business for busy professionals and spiritual seekers looking to find and discover their true nature and enter into a new way of living on the planet. One where hard work and struggle are a thing of the past, and intuition and inner trust and guidance are at the forefront of our lives.

Guiding YOu back To Your True Self

Most online programs are only scratching the surface of how to actually live more intuitively and discover who you really are. The state of consciousness on the planet is expanding quite vastly and we here at Divine Earth School are on a mission to help you shine your light back into the world by rediscovering who you really are.

Giving you tools To Succeed

At Divine Earth School we equip you with the knowledge and support to help you succeed in every area of your life by giving you the simplest tools and strategies to embody your divinity.

Transformation Not just information

It's not enough to just know something we are in the age of transformation and embodying what you know. At Divine Earth School we pride ourselves in helping you to truly embody the deep inner wisdom that is available to all of us.

Get Started Today

Peace & Serenity are on the other side of forgetfulness. Remember who you are with this guided meditation.

Grab Your Guided Meditation Today and Welcome More Stillness, Calm, & Peace into your life.