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About Own Your Divinity

Own Your Divinity: The Step-by-Step Masterclass on How To Create Radical Self Confidence, Own Your Brilliance, & Embody Your Innate Divine Power

  • Learn how to connect to your deeper driving force
  • Learn how to tap into your innate divine wisdom
  • Learn how to trust your decisions & honor your desires
  • And so much more.

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This isn’t like any other coaching masterclass you’ve seen before. This masterclass is about tapping back into your innate divine power.

  • Knowing who you are
  • Increasing your self worth and self love
  • Creating a life you’re proud to live
  • Establish healthy habits that increases your self-esteem

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll have people asking you what changed about you because you’re glowing all of a sudden. They’ll ask what you did to get so happy because you aren’t settling anymore.


***All the recordings of the SELF LOVE & CLARITY TO CONFIDENCE CHALLENGE***​

Also included…

  • ​Key Mindset Shifts to ensure you never allow self doubt to stop you in your tracks
  • How to develop self trust
  • The #1 Thing you must do in order to release limiting beliefs and mental blocks
  • Tactics and tools to handle “setbacks” and obstacles
  • And much more

This is so much more than a masterclass and guide. This is the foundation for building a rock solid sense of yourself (identity) that will carry you through your entire life and towards creating your divine and dream life.

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Premium Course Day 1: Self Love

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Premium Course Day 3: Love & Clarity

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Premium Course Day 4: Q&A

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Welcome + InteractGuided Visualization - Divine GoddessesShake & ShimmyTeachMindset Imagination - If you can see it and feel it it already exists within you in the here and nowWhat If PositiveDirection / Focus of thoughts - What you focus on expands shifting from a survivor mindset to a thriving mindsetSelf TrustTrusting your inner guidanceWhere in your life do you feel trust that everything will be OK without you even having to think or worry about it?trusting your creativity and natural flowDeserve ability - healing that inner child – rewriting historyMerging Your Two Selves - double bind Coping Self reflection /check innswhere is your “come -from “– love or fearBodyworkDance + Wonder Woman/Beyonce Pose Power PosePosture

About the Teacher

Rachael Alexander

Hello my name is Rachael, founder of Divine Earth School, and we help multipassionate spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives (aka Mosaic Souls) create divine lives and businesses from the inside out. This entails creating bodies, lives, and businesses that align with their soul's calling.

At Divine Earth School, we combine metaphysical and spiritual principles, quantum physics, health, intuition, and self realization to tie into your life, business, and creativity. All in service to help you create your divine life and business.

When I'm not helping Mosaic Souls create divine lives and businesses, I'm traveling, creating, relaxing, and enjoying my life to the fullest!

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