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About Calm The Crazy

Guided Meditation To Calm The Monkey Mind

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In this masterclass I share what Calm The Crazy is all about. We discuss mindfulness, meditation, and learning the steps to become more calm and centered.

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In this lesson you can download your guidebook to help you master mindfulness in your day to day life.

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Premium Course Calm The Crazy Origins

Welcome to Calm The Crazy! I'm super excited that you've embarked upon learning how to calm the monkey mind so that you can align more with your heart's desires and allow more of what is wanted in your life.I begin by sharing a personal conversation I was having with my divine team, then I share the Guided Meditation it two ways:Without musicWith soothing musicFeel free to listen to whichever version most resonates. I also included a mental detox guidebook for additional help in letting go of negative or unwanted thoughts.

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Premium Course Breath Meditation

Learn how to quiet your mind with this guided breath meditation.

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Premium Course A Meditation For Peace

This meditation came to me in a flash of insight - a divine download if you will - that I felt compelled to share with you. This meditation is designed to elevate you and reconnect you to that which you truly are

About the Teacher

Rachael Alexander

Hello my name is Rachael, founder of Divine Earth School, and we help multipassionate spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives (aka Mosaic Souls) create divine lives and businesses from the inside out. This entails creating bodies, lives, and businesses that align with their soul's calling.

At Divine Earth School, we combine metaphysical and spiritual principles, quantum physics, health, intuition, and self realization to tie into your life, business, and creativity. All in service to help you create your divine life and business.

When I'm not helping Mosaic Souls create divine lives and businesses, I'm traveling, creating, relaxing, and enjoying my life to the fullest!

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