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This 6 week program will show you exactly how to understand the law of attraction such that this clarity helps you to release all the blocks that have been preventing you from creating the life you desire. Whether you're just discovering the law of attraction or you've known about it for years, this course will help you leaps and bounds beyond the old traditional advice. 

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I'm so glad you asked! The main difference is that we dive deep into the metaphysical workings of the law of attraction, uncover this divine law at it's core, and see how it's been working in your entire life. We also dive into how you can release the dependency on techniques, processes, and strategies and learn to allow more of what you desire to flow into your life with more and more ease and freedom.

The law of attraction is grossly misunderstood in our day and age, thankfully it's becoming more well-known, however in this course we help eliminate the confusion to bring tremendous clarity such that manifestation is just a natural evolution and expression of your day to day life.

The Law of Attraction is free, we all have access to it, and this course that shows you how to best align with it is only one payment of $997. 

Gain clarity. become a manifesting master.

create your divine life & business from the inside out.

I'm taking you on a deep dive into the Law of Attraction and walking you, step by step, through how to unravel the workings of this universal law so that you can allow more of what you dream about rather than allowing the things you dread, are scared of, or are worried about. Not only are you getting a peek into how those who've mastered this understanding implement it into their lives, but I'm giving you the exact exercises and guidance so you can do the same thing.

I'm helping you shift to your preferred reality so you can spend less time worrying about whether or not you're "doing it right" or fearful of not "keeping up with your manifestation practices" and spending more time allowing what you envision in your mind to flow more easily into your life experience.

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I'm so glad you asked!


Module One: Definition Of The Law Of Attraction

In this module you'll learn what the law of attraction is, what it isn't, and how to recognize the law of attraction at work in your life. 


Module Two: Misperceptions About The Law Of Attraction

In this module we'll cover what the law of attraction isn't and how these misperceptions cause us to create in reverse.


Module Three: Releasing Energetic Blocks To Liberate Yourself

In this module you'll learn several exercises to help you ground your growing knowledge into your physical human experience. You'll also learn how to let go of past pain and trauma so that you can allow more harmonious beliefs to settle into your new operating system.


Module Four: The Role of Action

In this module you'll learn the role that action plays in the manifesting process and how to release limiting beliefs surrounding what you think needs to be done in order to manifest your desires.


Module Five: The Roadmap To Manifesting Mastery

In this module you'll learn the 1-step process to manifest anything you desire, the crucial elements to manifesting what you desire, and simple yet powerful exercises to help you bring this information to life.


Module Six: How You Create Your Reality

In this module you will learn how you create your reality, how to utilize this information to expand your awareness and more effortlessly allow what you desire, and lastly uncover what your emotional and mental set points currently are in order to create new and empowering belief systems.


Module Seven: Manifestation Made Easy

In this module you'll learn how to create more of your preferred reality, how to transcend challenging experiences, and the power of inner knowing and the misinformation about gratitude.

it's only One payment of $997, let's dive in!


Divine Earth School's Founder

Wanna learn how to release dependency on practices, processes, and make life a lot easier?

That's me! Hey Mosaic Soul, it's Rachael Alexander here and together with my divine team we've helped 1000's of Mosaic Souls gain clarity on divine laws and principles to help create lives of their dreams. 

When I first had my spiritual awakening I was just like you, I felt confused, I was in a lot of pain, and I couldn't seem to manifest my desires.

I would have blips of manifesting my desires every now and then, but mostly my life was filled with anxiety, fear, worry, and self doubt. However now, I'm manifesting the life that feels more in alignment with my soul. I wake up with joy daily, and I feel connected to my higher self all the time.

Oh and manifesting, it's just seems to be more effortless and easy because I've embodied these divine laws and principles I'll be sharing with you in this course.

I founded Divine Earth School in 2016 and since then I've helped thousands of Mosaic Souls create lives where their dreams became reality, and their goals became effortless and more fun.

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so you can start focusing on what matters most...

In Depth Training

This training isn't just the tip of the iceberg of Law of Attraction, it dives deep into how it all works, why you might be struggling with manifesting your desires, and how to release limiting beliefs to create the life of your dreams even when you think it might be hard or only for lucky people. This training covers all you need to know to begin to allow more of what you desire into you life.

Support Coaching Calls

As you go through the training inevitably you may want to know how a certain topic applies to you. In this program you'll receive 3 bi-weekly live coaching calls for 6 weeks. You'll get to ask your questions, feel more confident in applying these principles and steps to your life, and eliminate self doubt as you start to embody your own self created freedom.

Join The Community

Part of stepping into your freedom is not having to do it alone. In our online community you'll receive feedback, get encouragement, and inspiration as you continue along your journey. For 6 weeks you'll have access to our private community that allows you to see how others are manifesting, post your own success story, and get inspired to take action towards creating your divine life and business.

Instant Access

Upon enrollment, you get instant access to EVERYTHING inside, because I know you don't got time to wait. Once inside I encourage you to start from the top and work your way down through the lessons. Pick your favorite snack and pour a fresh cup of organic juice as you binge watch everything or take it lesson by lesson - totally up to you.

Lifetime Access

As you start having a-ha moments left and right, you'll want to come back again and again until living this way becomes second nature for you. You'll get access to all future online training updates, and if you have a questions I'll be there to encourage you through the process and support you along the way, just shoot us an email at courses@divineearthschool.com.

A Training That Works

Literally by next Monday you could have manifested your true heart's desires and alllllll the worrying, self doubt, and confusion that you're experiencing could be gone forever. This is perhaps the most actionable and immediate program you’ll ever take. Say good-bye to fear, overwhelm, and anxiety attacks. Embodying your divinity is a whole new lifestyle!

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Kendal Weaver Law of Attraction 101 Testimonial

Rachael's course was absolutely amazing. I learned so much from her class, the biggest thing is... to me is to "letting go and letting god... and just focusing on what it is you want and allowing it to manifest." My favorite example was when she said, "If you had a check for $10,000 dollars and you know the person has the money, so you're not stressing about whether or not the check is gonna clear. No you have the confidence." And so don't block it, just go with the flow and listen to your intuition because it's there to guide you.

Kendall Weaver - Financial Advisor

Kathleen Cooley Law of Attraction 101 Testimonial

I attended Rachael's course, and what she spoke to that I heard was the clarity... My favorite part of the class - and I enjoyed all of it - was knowing that it's already happened. If you've got tickets to a concert you don't worry about getting there... I mean you might worry for a minute for "entertainment's sake", but the bottom line is everything that's been created has already been created, and it's just your belief. Whether you are open or closed to that, you determine whether you are receiving or not. And I totally resonate with, and she put it in a way than I've heard it before.

Kathleen Cooley - Radio Station Underwriter & Cook

Temekia Powell Law of Attraction 101 Testimonial

I just took Rachael's course and I got these 7 beautiful principles out of it that really changed my perspective and really made me re-evaluate how I've been designing my life. Most importantly I learned to "let it go, let it go and just feel free about living the life I truly want." Remove the expectations and loving it... so allowing all to happen that is already in space. I believe it will. I set it out for it to happen. And she really really confirmed and verified that I'm on the right path, and I'm very thank for her.

Temekia Powell - Dancer & Spiritual Advisor

Empressyana Law of Attraction 101 Testimonial


Great course! It was so touching, and alot of it was very true. When I would think about stuff, write it down, and it would come true but I wasn't realizing that it would come true until I went back and read it. So after writing it down and looking at it, and meditating on it, and knowing - if you go into KNOWING something it makes it happen. So thank you!

Empress Yana - Rapper & Artist

law of attraction 101

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