How To Live As The Divine Being

That You Really Are

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If you've had a spiritual awakening or would like to expand your consciousness so that you can be more connected to your true self and divinity then this mastermind is for you! With monthly themes, monthly meditations, and virtual live monthly events and support this mastermind holds all the key ingredients to helping you live on playground Earth more consciously, awake, and aware so that your life becomes one of effortless freedom, joy, abundance, peace, and bliss.

This is a monthly membership from which you may stay as long or as little as you like.

Finally Live Your Divine Purpose

And Finally Get Out Of Confusion & Overwhelm On Your Spiritual Journey

So you've had a spiritual awakening or find yourself feeling a little disorientated, disconnected, or confused about your direction and purpose in life. In the I Am Divine Mastermind you'll not only feel more connected to your true self, but you'll have support on your most pressing questions when it comes to spiritual awakening and living your purpose as a human in our modern world. If you've been feeling alone, lost, and overwhelmed and are wanting to join a tribe of like minded individuals then this mastermind is for you!

You don't have to traverse your spiritual journey alone. And no you aren't crazy. We live in an upside down world where divine laws and spiritual principles seem insane, but in fact are the true wisdom of our history that we have forgotten.

And this mastermind is designed to help you turn your own personal world right side up again, and begin to embody these principles that you may have forgotten but are sure to remember!

The I Am Divine Mastermind

supports you in 3 ways:


During this live monthly event you can ask your questions to either me or Source (my divine team) and get answers. Keep in mind that the answers from source are usually from an expanded viewpoint and therefore will always come from love and from the intention of helping you as the divine being that you are expand more fully into all that you already are.


Throughout each month I'll be releasing personal and/or spiritual videos, tools, tips, pdfs, that may help you along your spiritual journey. I may also invite you to participate in other courses or programs that may benefit you as well as offer support from Source surrounding any life issues or situations that you'd like support around. The education pieces will be released in the Divine Earth School membership site.


When you join the I Am Divine Mastermind you'll also join a private facebook group where you'll be able to speak to other awakening souls, share insights, offer support, and love up on each other. I, Rachael Alexander, will pop into the group time to time to share insights or answer any questions. Keep in mind that this is a support group for the live monthly events, not a substitute for my one-on-one coaching or sessions.

Here's What You'll Receive When You Join


Live Monthly Events

I'll be hosting a private live event each month surrounding a topic that source inspires me to share on. Each Topic of The Event will be announced via email before the event takes place and there will be a recording of each event afterwards even if you are not able to make it live. During this monthly event you'll hear from source more in depth on the set topic and afterwards we'll explore the topic together...answering any questions in regards to the topic or questions that you may have just about your life in general.


Private Facebook Group

You'll be able to tap into a community of other awakening souls on the planet, receive support and feedback on your life's journey, and share insights and aha's that you've learned and explored personally on your journey with one another.


Bonus Content

In the Divine Earth School Membership site you'll also receive bonus materials and spiritual teachings throughout the month that I feel inspired to share which may include: bonus videos, pdf's, bonus audios, 20% off of other items sold at Divine Earth School, and more!

Join The I Am Divine Mastermind Today

This is a monthly membership from which you may stay as long or as little as you like.

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