How To Use Silence to Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, & Emotions

Written By Rachael Alexander

7 Tips to Use Silence to Rejuvenate

You’ve probably experienced various times in your life when you felt tired, overwhelmed, and out of energy. You realized you were just getting up and going through the required motions each day, only to start all over again the next morning. You’ve maybe felt burned out, overloaded and just like you’ve got way too much on your plate, but feeling trapped like there’s no way out. When you feel this way, know that you are not alone and luckily, there are many things you can do to bring yourself back to life.

Living in a ‘hustle culture’ has made us lose sight of what is so basic and innate within us, and that is peace.

Have you ever thought of utilizing silence to re-charge your physical and emotional states? It may seem obvious, but many of us are so programmed to be on all the time. From ingenious psychological scientist coming up with ways to keep your attention on the major social media and websites, to your energy being pulled by work or family, to trying to create a life and business that feels in alignment with you and your soul. Trust me I get it. Silence seems like a welcomed retreat and yet like a luxury you’ll never get a chance to explore.

However if you can give yourself some time away from the useful and yet addicting devices that we carry with us in the “modern world” and time away from the “should’s” and “have-to’s” even if only for just 5 minutes at a time planning to have some silence in your life every day or two can be a great way to renew and refresh. Why? Because all this noise that’s all around you all the time has got you accustomed to the assault on your mind, heart, and attention; however, it can still suck away your energy and negatively affect you. And without silence you’ll never really truly be able to tune into your intuition so that you can hear that still small voice of peace, guidance, and fulfillment that’s always available to you.

Letting your mind and the minds of the media and others run your life will lead you down a path of unfulfillment, lost potential, and dreams deferred. And you deserve so much better than this!

So what can you do now that you know some of the consequences of not allowing silence in?


Try these strategies to use the positive effects of peace and quiet to re-invigorate your life:

1. Plan a time for silence.

Thirty minutes is an effective amount of tranquility to experience each day. If you’re unsure whether you can deal with peace and quiet for 30 minutes at a time, consider starting out with just 15 minutes. Most of us are either souped up on caffeine or social media to either give our minds and bodies time enough to be still or even see how much of a attention span we actually have. Studies have shown time and time again that time away from your phone drastically improves your life. So even if you start with 5-10 minutes apart from showering time to be silent and still away from your phone and electronic devices, you’ll start to see dramatic improvements. I definitely know I have.

2. Ponder how you’ll spend your quiet time.

Activities like taking a walk out in nature, reading, or sitting quietly with a cup of tea and your journal are appropriate ways to spend your time without noise. Daydream about how you’ll feel once you have taken your quiet time, what you’ll accomplish or come to know in your silent time. This helps you set an intention for your quiet time. Also here contemplate what you might do if distractions come up during your quiet time. Will you reschedule it, put things in their place and come back to it, mitigate whatever needs to be mitigated. Having a plan for dealing with the various variables of life that inevitably come up is important that way you know that even if these things occur you’re still going to prioritize silence and giving yourself space to have it.

3. Consider trying some type of meditative experience during your tranquil times.

Sitting and thinking about something that brings you joy is a wonderful way to use your noiseless moments. Recalling the last time you spent with your best friend or thinking about what you want to improve within yourself are wonderful ways to spend your episodes of silence. Try to do activities that enforces you to become more present rather than busy busy all the time. Give yourself space and time to think, feel your body, and be with yourself in an intimate way. Treat it like a ‘self date’ rather than this thing that you have to do. When you go on a date you’re usually excited and happy to embark on this new exploration or adventure. So the same can be said when you date yourself. Give yourself time to explore your passions, tune into your emotional body and thoughts, ask for guidance from your higher self and spirit guides. The possibilities are endless when you choose to become more conscious and aware of where you place your attention and energy.

4. Engage in muscle relaxation to truly get in touch with your ability to relax during your quiet times.

Progressive relaxation, where you alternate between tensing and relaxing each of the muscle groups will dovetail nicely with your
episodes of peace. Centering your attention on your body is a great way of getting present. It allows you to calm your sympathetic nervous system and come into a deep state of relaxation. When you are relaxed your cortisol levels go down, your sense of urgency, fear, and panic dissipate, and you begin to operate from a place of love rather than a place of fear.

5. Enjoy the silence.

Maybe at first it might feel uncomfortable at first because you’ve been so used to being on the go all the time, that sitting with yourself for any length of time feels akward. But the more you do it, the more you’ll start to crave it and experience all the benefits that silence has to bring. So here you want to concentrate on the lack of noise. Notice even the smallest sounds of the refrigerator gurgling or the tree branches brushing lightly against the side of the house. Notice the sounds of nature, whether it’s wind, rain, or frogs and birds chattering to one another. Perhaps these are sounds you wouldn’t normally hear but now you can. Also try observing your environment without judgement or commentary from your mind. Doing this allows you to step powerfully in the moment, tune into the natural rhythms of the earth around you, and feel more into your nature state of joy and love without all the negative mental chatter.

6. Increase the duration of your episodes of silence, as you wish.

When you begin making it a point to experience silence daily, you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it. You’ll realize you’ve been craving the wonderful feelings of renewal that only silence can bring. And ultimately you’ll start to destress and feel more rejuvenated than you ever have before!

7. Feel free to detach further from your distractions and the television.

Being still with just yourself, your thoughts, reading, or quiet hobbies will refresh you in ways that other types of rest will not. Being “on” all the time and hooked into media constantly not only wreaks havoc on your attention span, but also your sense of self worth, self connection, and sovereignty.

So carve some moments out of your schedule on a regular basis to experience the joys and rejuvenating nature of silence. Infusing periods of silence into your everyday life can bring feelings of calm, patience, and rest. You’ll also decrease your distress and increase your well-being, joy, and comfort. Go ahead and take some quiet time now.

You’ll be amazed.

It’s your turn! What way(s) do you like to enjoy your quiet time or silence? Share in the comments below!

Hey there! I'm Rachael Alexander, the founder of Divine Earth School. And I help powerful Gods & Goddesses like you awaken to your true soul self, take back power over your life, stop feeling crappy all the time, and start living your life for you so you can be confident, clear, and certain enough to create your dream life and start finally feeling happy and fulfilled. I'm a Spiritual teacher, Certified Life, Health, & Transformation Coach, and Business Mentor and it's an honor and privilege to guide you back to your most powerful asset that you have - YOU! 


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