Are you thinking about hiring a coach or joining one of our transformational coaching programs but wondering if you’re ready?

Here are the 5 traits of our successful clients:

  • You’re not involved intimately in a toxic relationship (current partner)
  • You are stable in other main areas of your life (food, shelter, work, etc…)
  • You’ve done some therapy and/or have no major mental health issues and can identify any current issues
  • You have time and willingness to do the deep work necessary to change your life and get results (I’m not asking you to do hard things) but change is often uncomfortable or unfamiliar at first and if there’s not a willingness to do the work you won’t get the results period

Ready For Change?

  1. If you’re ready to learn the exact blueprint I walk my clients through to create unshakable self confidence and finally start living the life they deserve then join my free masterclass at www.divineearthschool.com/get-unstuck.
  2. If you’re like Rachael, I’m ready to stop settling now! Then go ahead and book your complimentary breakthrough discovery call where together we’ll map out what you really want, what’s actually been holding you back, and how to go about getting from where you are to where you want to be. Book your call at www.divineearthschool.com/call