How Accountability Helps You Achieve Your Goals + My 2022 Goals

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How Accountability Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Would you like to know the one secret to manifesting your goals and intentions consistently? Wouldn’t it be great to set goals and actually see them come to fruition rather than letting them become a distant or worse – forgotten memory?

Well this not so secret is Accountability!

You may be like many people who struggle to consistently accomplish the goals that you set for yourself throughout the year. When it comes to successfully achieving your goals, one of the most important things that you have to have is accountability. When you introduce accountability into your goal setting plans, you have a better chance of reaching everything you set out to accomplish. Here are some of the ways that having an accountability partner can help you to achieve your goals.  

Provide Encouragement to Keep Going

When you are working toward achieving your goals, you will inevitably hit bumps in the road and experience setbacks. To keep from getting completely derailed in your progress, having someone to keep you accountable allows you to maintain your motivation and determination to reach your goals. An outside party can encourage you during your setbacks and challenges and help you look past your momentary “failures” to see the bigger picture. 

Gain an Honest Look

An essential part of being held accountable when working toward achieving your goals is giving those you are accountable to, the permission to be honest with you about your progress and ideas. If they are merely patting you on the back or nodding their head when you make excuses, they aren’t holding you accountable. They should be comfortable enough to tell you when you’ve lost track of your goals or letting you know when you may want to focus on other areas of your goal.

Provide You with Ideas and Inspiration

When it comes to achieving your goals, while an accountability partner is great to have, you may want to consider finding a mentor. Mentors have gone through the process before and have achieved the goals they have set for themselves. With this knowledge, they can provide you with ideas and inspiration to help you reach all your most significant goals. They can help you work through challenges and setbacks by providing you with encouragement and tips that they’ve found helpful in achieving their goals. 

When it comes down to it, having someone to hold you accountable when working toward your goals, can provide you with the extra motivation and encouragement that you need to stay on track and accomplish the goals you’ve set. Accountability is a powerful motivator that can turn your dreams into goals that you can quickly reach. 


The Reason Behind Declaring My Goals Publicly

So I’ve always wanted to document my process behind my business and life just for fun and as a way to keep myself accountable beyond just hiring a coach as well as being able to document my journey towards creating my own personal dream life and business. So this year I decided that I’d publicly share my personal and professional goals here on Divine Earth School’s blog in hopes that it sheds light on what it actually takes to build and create the life of your dreams.

Of course it goes without saying that everyone’s process and journey is going to look completely different, however the one common thread that will be in all of our journeys is the process of setting an intention, moving towards that intention with time, energy, and actions, having life happen, having some of our intentions be derailed, moving forward in spite of the perceived set back and continuing to move towards our dreams.

And so it is with this knowledge that I’m embarking on sharing my own personal goals for the aforementioned reasons.

My Goals For 2022

The first big goal I have for 2022 is to complete the health, fitness, & yoga certifications I signed up for towards the end of 2021.

I’m always furthering my knowledge in my field and so this year and last year was no different. In order to be on the cutting edge of service to my clients I have to know my stuff inside and out to the best of my ability, and I also have to know when it’s time to refer people elsewhere or hire the right team members for my business. So completing the wellness certifications I signed up for this year is definitely in my top priorities.

The second big goal I have for 2022 is to generate $300,000+ in profit within Divine Earth School.

Since becoming a coach and bringing my services online it’s been not only my dream to take my company to the $300k+ mark but also to be able to serve my clients at and higher level and that means being able to hire on team members this year and extra support for me to be able to provide the best coaching and outcomes for my clients. So even though the number may seem arbitrary it comes with a lot of strategy and honesty about what it takes to run the type of virtual wellness & holistic business I continue to run and want to scale.

The third big goal I have for 2022 is to move to Florida or somewhere with tropical weather year round.

When CoVid hit in 2020 I had the opportunity to spend a few months with a relative in South Florida, and it taught me how much I love sunny weather year round. I’m not a huge fan of drastic seasons and prefer to wear tank tops, shorts, and flip flops year round. I love being able to ride my bike almost daily or take a walk outside without having to bundle up and to be able to feel the sun on my skin. It brings me joy to live in tropical weather and I want that to be my new normal, so my partner and I are planning on moving nearer to the equator this year and I’m thrilled to finally be bringing this vision to life!

Other Smaller Goals

Pay Off All Student Loans

At the time of this writing I have about $50,000 in student loan debt that I’d love to be able to pay off this year entirely. Debt isn’t something I normally talk about but it’s something that I’ve been dealing with since I graduated college that I’d love to see completely honored and eliminated this year.

Record & Release a New EP/Album in Music

I went to college for music business, but I’ve studied music and pursued a career in music since I was a little girl. For the past 6-7 years music has been on the back burner of my life as I pursued other interests and I’m ready to dive back in and have some fun with my creativity in the way I started out. For those of you Mosaic Souls who follow me, you know I have many skills and this is one that I’m ready to rev up again and bring back to life.

Read 12 or more books 

I’m not an avid reader, but more of an avid researcher. I love movies, fantasy, and all things good stories. However when it comes to reading I tend to only read non-fiction books. And seeing as with a few of my certification programs I already have set reading for each of those I’ll be half way meeting this goal by simply finishing my certifications. But there are other books that I have on audible and on my kindle that I’d love to get through, and I’d also like to try to get into a fantasy book or two this year. I own several books that I haven’t even cracked open yet and so I’d like to add some of those books to my list.

The books that are on my current radar are:

  • Medical Medium
  • Liver Rescue
  • Energy Medicine
  • The Seat Of The Soul
  • Claim Your Power
  • Becoming Supernatural

Plus a host more that are a part of my certifications.

Create More Short Films & Intricate Videos

I pursued filmmaking in my early twenties and I’ve been missing the thrill of picking up my camera and being able to create a story, a feeling, or educational content with pizzazz. There’s something special about cinematography that I absolutely love. The ability to tell stories, capture emotions, and captivate audiences with the power of filmmaking is very fun for me. So I’d love to make a short film or two or maybe even a web series! 

But beyond making short films I’d also like to produce more professional video content for Divine Earth School on a regular basis. Content that moves people, inspires people, and ignites them to want to awaken and transform their lives. So making films and videos this year is definitely something I’d like to get back into.

I’m thinking of starting with Soul Nugget Sunday & Wellness Wednesday Videos but I’ll see if I want to continue those series or just free flow more.

Here’s one of my first short films I made:


Practice & Play Piano & Guitar & Sing Regularly

A part of me putting music on the back burner was the fact that I stopped practicing my craft like I did growing up. And so I’d love to just be proficient and play the music I’d hear in my head. I have dreams of songs and yet I haven’t really moved forward in bringing them to life. So this year I’d love to pursue that more and will be doing so especially in the pursuit of completing a music album.

Other Goals

I’d love to get more sunlight which I’ll most definitely get more of when I move somewhere more tropical. I’d love to exercise outdoors more, again with the whole sunlight and nice weather thing ;). I’d love to eat the majority of raw/living foods and only 1 cooked meal if any per day. I just noticed my energy levels are way higher the more clean and live foods I eat. 

Download My Divine Life Manifesting Planner


And how will I be staying on top of my goals, you ask? Through my Divine Life Manifesting Planner, of course! Writing down your goals can be incredible and super useful, but also having a planner and a workbook that you return to regularly helps you stay on track and focused on what it is  that you’re creating in your life and why. If that’s something you’re looking for help with Grab Your Copy of my Divine Life Manifesting Planner here!

So it’s your turn! What’s your top 3 goals for 2022? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by Rachael Alexander

Hello my name is Rachael, founder of Divine Earth School, and we help multipassionate spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives (aka Mosaic Souls) create divine lives and businesses from the inside out. This entails creating bodies, lives, and businesses that align with their soul's calling. At Divine Earth School, we combine metaphysical and spiritual principles, quantum physics, health, intuition, and self realization to tie into your life, business, and creativity. All in service to help you create your divine life and business. When I'm not helping Mosaic Souls create divine lives and businesses, I'm traveling, creating, relaxing, and enjoying my life to the fullest!

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