Spirituality Can Be Confusing, We Make It Simple

What if life was supposed to be easy? Instead of feeling lost, disconnected, or stuck you felt aligned, connected, and whole?

That’s what abundance feels like, and it is your birthright in the here and now. Not some distant unforeseen future.
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Spirituality Can Be Confusing, We Make It Simple

We challenge you (my Divine Team and I) to recognize how powerful a Creative being you truly are. We invite you to remember that you are a Divine being having a temporary yet beautiful human experience and that you can let go of the struggle, stress, and suffering anytime you want.

Oh and that freedom you seek, it’s on the other side of fear, and it’s within your hands in this very moment.
flow with what feels good…
let go of what doesn’t

You see most people think that once they’ve achieved the “thing” that they set out to achieve that that’s when they can be truly happy and fulfilled.

And when you’re ready to step out of the limited being that you think you are, you’ll recognize that it was only the conditioning of your human mind that was holding you back all along.
Ready to let go of the fear?
let us help you

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I’m rachael alexander Artist, Spiritual Teacher & Transformational Life Coach here at Divine Earth School &

I help beautiful souls like you who feel lost, confused, and stuck tap back into their innate wisdom and truth so they can allow more of what their heart and souls truly desire.

For over 11+ years I’ve been actively on the spiritual path looking for guidance in how to make life easy, simple, joyful, yet fulfilling but life wasn’t easy. It was hard and full of misaligned choice after misaligned choice. It wasn’t until I went inward did I find the ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS I was seeking. Let me show you how.
kind words
from our clients

"When I booked a session with Rachael Alexander, I didn't know what to expect. What I found is that she is a coach who leaves a lasting impression. The coaching session she gave me has stayed with me: why? because all the issues I brought forth were addressed at their root cause level and clarity emerged effortlessly regarding next steps to be taken. It was very empowering and gave me a lot of food for thought as I continued integrating in the following days I would highly recommend working with Rachael as her coaching skills will help transform your life in a compassionate and grounded way.”"

Rubina Rajan

Artist & Coach

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