Learn How To Boost Your Energy, Get Fit, & Create A Healthy Habit of drinking 1 smoothie per day in just 4 days... (even if you're super busy and have no time)!

Get ready to get fit, gain energy, get sexy, and nourish your mind, body, and soul this fall in just 10 minutes or less per day!

Learn how to shed excess weight even if you're super busy, have little to no time to prepare food in your kitchen, and want a simple way to nourish your body while aiding it in weight loss with my Harvest: 4 Day Weight Loss Smoothie Challenge Starting On November 1st, 2019 for just $29 $21 Today.

Sometimes you need a change in your routine. Maybe you have decided this time is going to be different. You will meal prep, eat healthy, go to the gym and FINALLY LOSE WEIGHT.

But now you are getting really tired of the same oatmeal for breakfast, or the same salad for lunch.

You still need something that will fill you up and even more importantly make you feel nourished and good about eating! Not to mention, the easier and quicker to prepare the better, am I right?

There’s nothing worse than having to block out hours of your weekend for meal prep. 

And what if you forgot or couldn’t do it on Sunday, now you are running late trying to figure out what to eat!


I created 4 Autumn Smoothie recipes full of fruits and veggies that will not only make you feel full but also help you burn that fat like nobody’s business!

The truth is that we all are struggling for time. We all have a limited amount of it.

Good news is that you can join a tribe for extra motivation, download and print these recipes, put them in your kitchen for easy access, and start to see the weight fall off. 

And when you are craving for something new or are in a rush you can pull out your WEIGHT LOSS WEAPON!

Are you ready to put some SPICE INTO YOUR LIFE this Fall?!

Hey I'm Rachael Alexander, and I'm an international Health & Spiritual Life Coach. I've helped thousands of women and men empower their health, lives, and creativity to create amazing energy, fun and fulfilling days, and anxiety stress-free lives.


Weight loss is never easy. You have to put tons of effort in many areas of your life.

But feeding yourself does not have to be complicated. YOU CAN DO THIS.

By drinking your fruits and veggies on a daily basis you can boost your health, vitality, energy, lose those unwanted pounds, develop a new healthy habit, and make a transition into healthy lifestyle!

Challenge Starts in...


I have lost 5 lbs in less than a week and I am ecstatic and motivated!

"So excited to have joined this challenge, I feel energetic, I feel good, and I am making healthier choices now. I have lost 5 lbs in less than a week and I am ecstatic and motivated. My kids are getting their veggies in everyday with these smoothies and they love it!!! Thanks Rachael for inspiring e to a healthier lifestyle!"

Kisha Lestagez

When you sign up for the Harvest 4-day Weight Loss Smoothie Challenge

starting on November 1st, 2019, you get:

A suggested shopping list to plan and shop ahead

Struggling on knowing what to buy in the grocery store? Then no worries! I've got a detailed shopping list including a few substitutions that you can utilize to enjoy the recipes.

4 Delicious Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes easy to make and good for your body. Plus they will keep you satiated and charged to start your day!

Want to make sure your satiated, and that the smoothies are delicious and not a hot mess? Or simply want some guidance on making sure you're eating the right things to help you lose weight? Then I've got you covered with my 4 deliciously autumn flavored FAT BURNING SMOOTHIES that will help you reach your goals faster and more effectively!

Daily themed photo challenge (whereby 1 winner with the best photo each day will receive a free copy of my Eat Your Way Healthy: 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge Guide or a bonus Health Strategy Session on November 4th, 2019!).

Don't just join the challenge, you'll be invited to stay accountable by posting a pic of your smoothie for the day and be entered to win one of my special prizes.

Support from me and the community in our private facebook group during the 4 day challenge + you’ll join the mosaic soul tribe and get weekly inspirational soul nuggets straight to your inbox

Daily Emails & Motivational Quotes to keep you motivated towards your health

Get daily tips, inspirational quotes, and educational info all about staying healthy straight to your email inbox to help you stay inspired and pushing forward towards your health goals.

A feel-good sensation because you are not LETTING UP! You are going to lose weight and you are going to do it the SMART WAY!

Challenge starts in...


It’s all about making YOUR JOURNEY TO HEALTH EASIER AND MORE FUN! So Say “YES!” to Your Health and Join Me in This Live Challenge 

on November 1st, 2019 For Just $29 $21 Today!

How To Start The Harvest: 4 Day Weight Loss Autumn Smoothie Challenge:

  • ​Sign up and purchase the challenge and confirm your subscription received through your email.
  • Share & Invite your friends so you can have accountability partners and other mosaic souls to help you along the journey! Trust me its easier to go the distance with friends and loved ones rather than alone! Share the love #harvestweightloss @endigorae!
  • Join the private facebook group
  • Download your challenge materials (link sent to your email provided), learn the power of smoothies in weight loss and more!
  • Start preparing yourself mentally, spiritually, and creatively for this awesome habit you're about to develop. Meditate, invite others to join you on your journey, journal, and start photographing!

This Harvest: 4-Day Weight Loss Smoothie Challenge is packed with smoothie tips, some of my favorite recipes, community support, and more! Challenge starts November 1st.


I've Got A's To Your Q's


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What happens when I purchase the challenge? 

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Is it safe to take this challenge if I am Pregnant/Diabetic/etc...

Do I have to photograph every smoothie I do everyday?

Do I have to use a professional camera?

What are the daily photo challenges?

Do I have to have a fancy/expensive blender to participate?

Do you offer refunds?

How is this different than a diet book?

I'm Paleo/Keto/some other label...

Is the shopping list made for 1 person?

Do I have to drink smoothies only?

What kind of foods should I be eating during this challenge? 

Will you send me recipes everyday?

What if I want my kids to join in? 

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Join The Harvest: 4 Day Weight Loss Smoothie Challenge with over 4 recipes and weight loss hacks for just $21.

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