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The 5 Step Blueprint That High Achieving Spiritual Professionals Use To Embody Unshakeable Self Confidence

Eliminate Self Doubt, Uncertainty, and Perfectionism and Finally Live Your Authentic Life


After watching the Get Unstuck Masterclass You’ll Discover: 

The 5 shifts any spiritual professional must make in order to have unshakable confidence, crystal clarity in her daily decision making, and finally kick self doubt and second guessing yourself to the curb...

The secret formula that will have you finally out of procrastination and out there confidently living your dreams inside and out of your career even if you’ve tried productivity habits and other things before...

How to reenergize your life's purpose and path with calm, centered, and meaningful action in every area of your life without the overwhelm, burnout, or daily exhaustion... (even if you have a mind that’s indecisive and negative and is allergic to relying on itself for permission)

Why traditional paths of personal development like positive affirmations, therapy and personal development books are not the best path to finally feeling like you’re enough and helping you end self sabotage...

The #1 skill you must master if you want to finally stop people pleasing, saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’, and feeling like a secret control freak once and for all...

And how to do this quickly without spending years in therapy, years lost and dreams unrealized, and feeling like you’ll never reach your full potential!

Our Dear Clients

WOW! I really enjoyed this course and I highly recommend it to anyone because you will come out feeling like a new person!!!  This course was a great way to treat myself and to invest in self. 2022 is still brand new so what better way to start the year?

Renita Burgess - Yoga Instructor & Psychic

I believe you have helped me tap into a space that I have unintentionally closed off.  I'm curious as to how this will help me reach my goals.  I'm quite sure it will have a profound impact on how I address my struggles with organization and procrastination.  Tapping deeper into this struggle has already benefited me greatly..... I feel more enlightened.  I felt very comfortable speaking to you and I could feel the genuine love and support you not only gave to me but that you possess for others. I greatly appreciate your time and look forward to working with you in the future.

Nakisia McDaniel - Therapist

Whoa! The 30 minutes of clarity and self criticism clearing I just had with Miss Rachael was ecstatic to say the least! I was so mind blown at how much self compassion overflowed me with the most sincere ease & grace I was so stunned! I thought I was in a deluxe mental spa treatment. It was so soothing and so liberating/exhilarating. Give yourself a treat that will only keep you upleveling in every area of your life w/o the overly analytical wear and tear!

Zhi bell - Professional

Who's Hosting This Masterclass?

Rachael Alexander

Hey there!

You might be wondering why the heck should you be listening to me? 

First off, I appreciate the concern beautiful.

These days anybody and their momma with a laptop and a WIFI connection can be a life coach. They just regurgitate the advice, tips, and strategies given by folks like Tony Robbins, Marisa Peer, & Bob Proctor without actually doing the work on themselves or helping others. They have all the advice and as soon as you ask "How'd that work for you" they have no proof or disappear faster than lightening hits a tree. 

The truth is as a certified Transformational Life & Mindset Coach & Spiritual Teacher I have more than 9 years of experience as a transformational coach and thought leader in the online space I've given insights and coaching to help hundreds of spiritual professionals create their lives from a place of intention rather than reaction.

I help high achieving spiritual professionals & creatives take back power over their lives, stop feeling lost and crappy all the time, and unleash their full potential so they can be confident, clear, and certain enough to create their dream lives. And on top of that I drink the smoothie I'm serving by being an artist and pursuing the fulfilling life that lights me up alongside my business Divine Earth School. 

My system is designed to transform you...from the inside out...allowing you to go after your heart's true desires, to be present and have healthy relationships with loved ones and feel fulfilled and purpose driven inside and outside of your career.

But don't take my word for it! Just click the button below to experience my proven system for yourself!