What Is The Freedom Paradigm?

A Message From My Divine Team:

Often times in your human experience you are guided to believe that you are trapped by the limitations that are created by society and the limits of the human mind. And although your soul signed up for an experience of some modicums of limitations if you are reading this message you are here to embody the totality of your limitless being while in human form. Which means releasing and letting go of belief systems, old conditioning, and ways of being that no longer serve you and your innate freedom, love, and joy that you actually are beyond just your human form.

This invitation is not a rejection of your human form, but an embracing of all that you are in human form and beyond just your human iteration in this lifetime. For indeed you are an infinite being beautiful soul and your journey here on the planet was meant to be a joyous and momentous occasion filled with love, expression, joy, freedom, and peace. 

You did not come here to work hard, struggle, or strain for the entirety of your journey. You may have done a little dabbling in those frequencies and vibrational playgrounds, but you are now ready to embark upon a new journey of embodying all that you are in your non-physical form in your physical form while you traverse through this human journey.

This is a celebration and coming together of your divinity into your humanity. This is embracing your total human journey but without getting caught up in the human paradigm. This is a full recognition of all that you truly are and a moving and shifting into the new and always available FREEDOM PARADIGM.

And if you're reading this YOU ARE READY. This integration may take days, months, weeks, and/or even years but you are here now and we welcome you into the truth of that which you already are. We take your hands in ours and we happily walk beside you as you journey through your human journey elevated and embodied in your true and total self. 

Welcome to the Freedom Paradigm.

discover ways to experience freedom


Fulfillment and satisfaction from your home environment and lifestyle including: quality of clothing, quality of your living place, leisure time, activities, and having fun.

Freedom In Lifestyle & Environment

Freedom in your day-to-day lifestyle and environment comes from the understanding and knowledge of the fact that not only do you create your own reality but you recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to living and being on the planet. And choosing to live in an environment, dress a certain way, and embrace a certain lifestyle is completely up to you beloved. 

You have the freedom to be who your heart desires to be without the restriction of societal norms and standards. If you desire to live in a big home enjoy that experience, if you decide to live in no home enjoy that experience. There is no "wrong" or "right" way to live in order to be the fullest embodied expression of your true self.

You will know what resonates by listening and following you own inner guidance and intuition. And if you desire something that has not manifested yes know that it is already available and simply move into the vibrational and emotional experience of having that which you already desire while also still being grateful for what you currently have and experience and you will find your desires naturally and effortlessly unfolding into your life.


Fulfillment and satisfaction from your love relationships including family, friends, siblings, parents,
children, and partners/spouses. This also includes fulfillment and satisfaction with intimacy and your
sexual life.

Freedom In Love & Relationships

Relationships whether love/intimate, platonic, or familial can all be approached from the freedom paradigm in the fact that 1. They are all optional 2. You don't need anyone outside of yourselves to be divine, whole, complete, and free and 3. Your well being is assured regardless if a relationship is going well or not. 

Freedom is a choice. You get to decide whether or not you want to stay attached to certain individuals. You get to decide whether or not you've given another person power over you and your emotions. And you also get to decide how to allow other people to be in your experience freely without needing them to be a certain way in order for you to experience your divine birthright or abundance. 

The choice is yours. You can be a loving and caring parent without needing to be controlling or overbearing. You can guide your children without having to fear for their wellbeing because you are also aware that they are divine beings and souls who have chosen you to journey with in this life together. And they are also here for their own experiences.

You can be in an intimate relationship with a partner for a year for a decade or for a lifetime. The choice is yours. There is no such thing as failure. That is a human construct that is largely outdated and has no use for your soul's explorations while here on the planet. You can have the freedom to explore relationships in a way that most resonates for you and your human journey.

Go within and feel out what feels genuine beyond all the attachment and societal conditioning when it comes to having freedom in your relationships. And when you check in you'll find that much of what you've been taught in relationships has no relevance for what you are now here to experience as an awakened soul on your human journey.

Once again there is no "right" or "wrong" in relationships in the highest sense of the words. Simply allow yourself to free flow and let the evolutionary growth and expansion that relationships are here to unearth in you happen naturally. Allow yourselves to enjoy them as they arise and stay in the energy (your energy) of love as they dissipate. 

For we are all here in relation to each other as we are all ultimately one and connected beyond what the limitation of your human eyes and faculties can see, hear, or feel.          


Fulfillment and satisfaction with the state of your mental and physical health and the quality of your
food, water, exercise, movement, and self-care.

Freedom In Physical Health & Well-being

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Fulfillment and satisfaction with your relationship with money, income, expenses, debt-to-income
ratio, and your net worth and ability to leave a legacy for loved ones if you so choose.

Freedom In Finances & Wealth

Much of what you have learned in your society regarding money is designed and setup in a way to keep you in a state of lack and scarcity. You are sold into the idea and belief system that your wellbeing is largely dependent on slips of paper and metal coins. 

And when this is your conditioning you largely - for majority of you - cut off the vast array of abundance and wellbeing (financial or otherwise). You psychologically reverse your desires by way of how much money you will need in order to receive or achieve what you desire, and in doing so you limit the vast potential of the universe to meet your desires in a myriad of different ways other than just the money path.

Freedom is not found in the amount of dollars and cents you have, but in your true KNOWING and EMBODIMENT of WHO and WHAT you really are. When you begin to understand this you open yourself up to the limitless possibilities and ways in which your desires and needs CAN and WILL be met, and you no longer allow the inherent limits of your human mind and conditioning to dictate how you lead your life.

In moving into the freedom paradigm around money you start to allow your heart and soul to be your guide and relinquish a lot of societal conditioning and move into internal freedom. And when you move into INTERNAL freedom you innately become a match to all other forms of freedom and abundance. And you allow your desires to easily and effortlessly be met because you are no longer offer split vibrations or contradictory energies against your desires.

You can then begin to TRUST and KNOW that your wellbeing is always assured regardless of the presence or absence of money in your human experience because your sense of wellbeing is then sourced in your TRUE IDENTITY - not your HUMAN identity.  



Fulfillment and satisfaction from your personal expression, contribution, fun, entertainment, and creativity in the world or community.

Freedom In Creativity & Fun

Many of the constrictions that you feel around following your passions and your creativity come from societal and familial conditioning that tells you that your passion(s) must sustain your existence and therefore you are limited to only having 1 or 2 at the most. When in all actuality your souls have come to dabble and play with many different passions, modes of express, and creativity while in human form.

When you begin to embrace this fact and also the truth that your wellbeing does not have to be tied to what you DO but rather to the embodiment of who you ARE, then you can allow yourself to free flow between your passions and personal expressions as you see fit without fear of missing out or fear of something going wrong. 

You can also then embrace that abundance is not tied to what you DO, but rather who you ARE BEING, and what you are BELIEVING and EMBODYING. For there are many people on your planet that does not concern themselves with money or their wellbeing being threated because of what they choose to do on a day-to-day basis. And that is in largely due to the fact that these individuals have allowed a myriad and plethora of different facets of abundance to flow into their lives, and they either have release or never had limiting beliefs that told them otherwise. 

And this too can be your reality as well beloved. You just have to move/shift into it (emotionally/vibrationally) first.


Fulfillment and satisfaction from your education, learning, spiritual growth, and honoring your spiritual beliefs and traditions

Freedom In Spirituality & Personal Development

You are indeed a spiritual being/non-physical being having this human experience. So in essence everything on your human journey is indeed "spiritual" for how could it not be when everything is energy? Including you.

However when it comes to freedom in your spirituality as we always say flow with what feels good and let go of what doesn't. Personal development can be fun or it can be exhausting. Often times when you remember who you truly are personal development naturally happens as a byproduct of you becoming more of who you truly are while in human form. You will find that old beliefs and societal constructs just naturally fade in your human experience without much effort on your part. 

But if discovering more about personal development and the many ways that it can take shape and form in your lives feel like fun then have fun on that journey. And at any moment it doesn't feel free to release it and move back into the knowing - the TRUE KNOWING and embodiment - of who you truly are. There is no "right" or "wrong" simply move with what resonates most deeply for you.

For you are here for a plethora of different journeys, experiences, and explorations. And as you move throughout your human experience you will find that certain things resonate a different times in your lives. Honor what arises and don't feel the need to force yourself to be somewhere that you aren't currently.

For once again that is a human made construct that doesn't allow for the natural flow and evolution of your human journey that your souls intended. Free flow through life, learn and grow as it suits you, and journey well without guilt or shame for wherever you find yourself in your spiritual journey. 



Fulfillment and satisfaction with your career choice, the work you do in the world, and the substance
and level of your contribution.

Freedom In Business & Career

Coming soon.


Fulfillment and wellbeing in your mental and emotional states of being on a day-to-day basis.

Freedom In Emotional & Mental Health

Coming soon.

Foundations of The Freedom Paradigm

Societal norms such as restrictions and suffocating limitations on relationships, money, career, creativity, and more are often human constructs that limit the scope of all that your souls have come to journey through and explore. Some constructs have utilitarian use, but many are outdated and elements that you can release at any moment they no longer resonate.

  • Everything we desire from our hearts arises from the impulse of the divine within us (our soul) and is possible, good, and able to manifest within our lives if we let it.
  • Everything we desire already exists
  • When you know Who you are and that your well-being is assured worrying about "the how" becomes irrelevant because there are many "how's" at play in any given moment.
  • You are a vibrational being, which means you are an emotional being. And when you embrace that you live in a vibrational universe you can then begin to address life circumstances from a vibrational (emotional) standpoint first before you feel the need to take action. Action is beautiful, but often unnecessary or at the very least the last step in aligning with your heart's desires. 
  • Your highest excitement, passions, and interest moment to moment act as the compass for what "to do" every single day and is the path of last resistance to our desires unfolding when we live in the knowing that they are.
  • Fixating on the "outcomes" of following our bliss is not necessary to allow that which we desire for 1. It is either already included in the passion and action itself or 2. The action or passion will lead to it in other ways as divine universal orchestration works it out to match our predominant vibe of our desires.
  • We are powerful creator beings and fractals of the divine infinite creator and have the ability to manifest our desires through our predominant focus, thoughts, emotions and expectations.
  • When we love ourselves through all our human experiences (especially the dark moments and experiences) we bounce back much not quickly because we are not introducing self judgment and resistance to what is happening and instead allow what is to cause us to expand and Become more aware of who and what we truly are and what it is we truly desire.
  • Every life situation and circumstance is neutral and has no meaning other than the meaning that we give it - therefore supporting the fact that we create our own reality through the meanings and perceptions that we carry of life Events.
  • Abundance can flow in many different ways - not only through money and is a result of your belief system. So for instance, if you believe that you must work hard in order to receive abundance and money then that becomes your reality. But if you believe that money flows regardless if you do anything or not then that also becomes your reality. Life is simply reflecting your beliefs system back to you in the form of life experiences
  • We have the power to heal ourselves at any moment in time by simply shifting to the preferred version of ourselves.
  • We have the power to manifest relationships and positive experiences even from those who are considered or deemed difficult simply because we choose how we wish to experience this individual through our predominant expectations and emotions. Confirming that we can only get positive experiences from others is we expect to receive them and /or don't fixate on what is not wanted.
  • All the answers we seek lie within, but we also come with a team of divine beings who help assist us and give us guidance whenever we need or desire assistance. Answers and clarity can come through any of or Clairs or other symbols or situations.
  • There is nothing we "must" do in order for this life to be considered a "success" to our souls - simply doing what we love and following our bliss is more than enough and even when we don't do those things our soul isn't dissapointed it's simply happy to traverse this human journey and is always guiding and nudging us whether we know it or not.
  • Love is the guiding principle and force that allows us to remain in vibrational alignment with our hearts and Souls intentions. when we love ourselves and our lives we allow passion joy excitement and intuition to be your guides on a day-to-day moment to moment basis which then allows our lives to unfold more effortlessly and freely.
  • Joy, love peace and freedom are our birthrights and true states of being when we let go of the predominant human conditioning/ belief systems that we were trained with that prevents this flow from happening.
  • Contrast was apart of the game we came to play. In fact beyond our conscious awareness there are many parallel realities happening simultaneously. Reality is that from our human mind would be considered wanted and unwanted. Our souls wanted to explore the many plethora of human experiences that this life has to offer and is doing so without our conscious awareness. So when we begin to embrace more of the contrast that appears in our lives we can recognize our souls and sources play in it all, And thereby begin to embrace all of our unique human journeys without the blockages that are created by the labels and meanings that we give things as though these situations and circumstances are happening outside of our conscious and unconscious creation. for we indeed are the creators of our own reality regardless if we are aware of this fact or not.

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