live Masterclass

How To Create Your Dream Body With Minimal Effort 

July 16th 

3:00 pm EST 

What you’ll learn in this masterclass:

8 Delicious Foods to Lose Weight in the Summer

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to lose those few extra pounds this summer that you have been trying to shed. Just by eating these foods you will have more energy and lose weight all at the same time! Plus these are the same foods that help you to sculpt your body into your divine dream body.

5 Ways to Detox When You Have No Time

Do you ever feel like you are constantly on the move with never enough time to do anything?

Do you want to be healthier and have more energy but don’t have the time for long drawn out meal plans or hardcore dieting?

Well in this masterclass I'm going to break down the importance of detoxing, how you can do it with a simple few tweaks, and most importantly without adding extra stress and worry to your already busy life.

How To Train Your Body to Lose Fat With These Essential Tweaks

Do you find yourself over exerting yourself or working out insanely and yet your body isn't where you want it to be? Well in this part of the Masterclass I'm going to break down why traditional cardio and other exercises leave you exhausted with little to no results and what to do instead to get your divine body.

About the Presenter

Health & Wellness Coach

Rachael is an International Health & Spiritual Life Coach. She's helped hundreds of women empower their health, lives, and creativity to create amazing energy, massive clarity & self care, and beautiful lives and businesses.