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Divine Earth School's End-of-Year Sale

Welcome to Divine Earth School’s End-of-Year Sale – a transformative gateway designed to revolutionize your life and bring you into alignment with your true self. Take advantage of these limited-time offers and embark on a journey of fearless living, balanced bliss, divine alignment, and much more!

🌈 Sale Highlights:

  1. From Fear to Love: Spiritual Awakening Sessions

    • 🚀 Kick fear to the curb and solidify your spiritual awakening journey.
    • 🌟 Live recorded sessions for a powerfully embodied life.
    • 🌺 Experience ease, joy, and the flow of life.
  2. Back to Nature: 21-Day Program for Balance and Bliss

    • 🌿 Go from burned out to balanced and blissful.
    • 🌸 Reconnect with your heart and soul.
    • 🌼 Cultivate sustainable habits for a slower, more aligned life.
  3. Alignment Sessions: Spiritual Consultations for Empowerment

    • 🔍 Gain clarity and guidance for your personal and spiritual goals.
    • 🌟 Break free from limiting beliefs and embody divine empowerment.
    • 📜 Create a tailored action plan for manifesting desires.

Inside the DES End Of Year Mega Sale, you’ll unwrap:

🎁 Your Benefits:

  • 🌟 Less stress, more energy, and an elevated mood.
  • 🌈 Groundedness, internal peace, and calm amidst chaos.
  • 🚀 Unshakable daily habits and feelings of empowerment.
  • 💫 Enhanced intuition and access to your divine self.

Save 60% — Sale Ends 11/30/23

save 60%

Embody practices for attracting confidence & positivity

Own Your Divinity

Learn how to create unshakeable self confidence in yourself, your manifesting ability, and your life. This is a  Step-by-Step Masterclass on How To Create Radical Self Confidence, Own Your Brilliance, & Embody Your Innate Divine Power

    • Learn how to connect to your deeper driving force
    • Learn how to trust your decisions & honor your desires
    • Learn how to tap into your innate divine wisdom

Go from burned out to balanced and blissful.

Back To Nature Challenge

Learn how to go from burned out to balanced and blissful. Reconnect with your heart and soul, and learn how to calm your mind and recenter yourself through small but sustainable habits. Learn how to live slower and more in tune with your body, mind, and spirit.

By the end of this 21 day program you’ll have less stress, more energy, an elevated mood, better ability to focus, internal peace and groundedness, unshakable daily habits, feelings of calm amidst the chaos, and more to give to yoursel f and your loved one.

Get On Track With HEalthy Eating

Revitalized In 5

Revitalized IN 5 is a science-backed proven step-by-step system and 5 day clean eating challenge to help you finally learn how and what to eat so you can eat healthy and stay healthy, even if you can’t go a day without your coffee, you order out more often than you’d care to admit, and you forget to eat breakfast or dinner every now and then.

Revitalized In 5 has suggested plant-based meals, shopping lists, short actionable guides, and healthy cheatsheets to make sure you never miss a step.

Go from burned out to balanced and blissful.

How To Transcend Repetitive Negative Mental Chatter

Transcend your repetitive negative mental chatter and tap into your inner guidance with the “How To Transcend Repetitive Negative Mental Chatter” guided meditation by The Divine Earth.

This meditation will help you release unwanted thoughts, emotions, and feelings associated with any troubling life situation or event, and guide you towards creating new mental movies and expectations that align with your desires. Recorded by Rachael Alexander and channeled from her Spiritual Support Team, this meditation is accompanied by exercise sheets to deepen your practice and facilitate your journey towards inner peace and alignment with your soul.

Spiritual Consultations for Empowerment

Alignment Session

Unlock the full potential of your spiritual journey with our Alignment Sessions – a unique blend of spiritual consultations curated to guide you towards empowerment and divine alignment. Here’s what our sessions encompass:

  1. Clarity and Guidance:

    • Gain profound insights into your personal and spiritual goals.
    • Engage in a supportive and non-judgmental environment for open discussion.
  2. Limiting Belief Transformation:

    • Identify and shatter limiting beliefs hindering your progress.
    • Break free from self-created barriers to embrace an empowered and divine mindset.
  3. Tailored Action Plan:

    • Co-create a personalized action plan to manifest your desires.
    • Remove blocks and discover actionable steps for tangible outcomes.
  4. Emotional and Mental Healing:

    • Find solace in a safe space to process traumatic experiences.
    • Heal and release emotional burdens, paving the way for emotional and mental well-being.
  5. Intuition Enhancement:

    • Amplify your access to intuition for more informed decisions.
    • Tap into your inner being with confidence and clarity.
  6. Manifestation & Abundance Mastery:

    • Harness the power of intentions for desired manifestations.
    • Embody transformative practices and tools to attract positivity and abundance.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and manifestation. Our Alignment Sessions are designed to empower you to live authentically and attract the abundance you deserve. Book your session today and embrace the divine alignment that awaits you.

Experience ease, joy, and the flow of life.

From Fear To Love

Learn how to move From Fear To Love in your life, and finally kick fear to the curb. If you are on the spiritual awakening path this live recorded sessions will help you solidify walking in your life in a more powerfully embodied way to wear the truth of who you are is at the forefront of your day to day life. And life begins to flow with more ease and joy.

Save 60% — end of year sale

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Meet your coach

Hello, I'm Rachael Alexander

And I’m  a Transformational Life & Mindset Coach & Spiritual Teacher who helps high achieving professionals take back power over their lives, stop feeling lost and crappy all the time, and unleash their full potential so they can be confident, clear, and certain enough to create their dream lives.

More than 7 years of experience as a transformational coach and thought leader in the online space has given her insights to help professional women create their lives from a place of intention rather than reaction.

Rachael’s system will transform you…from the inside out…allowing you to go after your heart’s true desires, to be present and have healthy relationships with loved ones, and feel fulfilled and purpose driven inside and outside of your career.


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