Your Lymphatic system plays a vital role in proper functioning of the immune system as it helps in the removal of waste from tissues and cells. Lymph is the basic agent who is responsible for the removal of all sorts of toxins from any infection that you might be carrying. 

It also carries lymphocytes along with other important immune cells to the parts where the human body might be attacked by some infection, bacteria or virus. If the lymph system is not working properly, the lymph nodes get swollen. This also causes other side effects like fatigue, swollen and puffy eyes and bloating. Lack of proper immune system functioning is also a huge cause of an inactive lymph system. One of the easiest ways to bring your lymph system back into action is to get some really good detox drinks and herbal teas are the safest and most effective too. 


So if you feel like your lymph nodes are swollen and you are experiencing a lot of fatigue (more than usual) then you can give these herbal teas a try! Here we have wrapped up 4 of the best detox drinks, aka herbal teas for your lymphatic system. 

1.Cleavers Tea: Cleavers tea is a great herbal tea for your lymphatic system. This herbal tea can do wonders in dissolving cysts and reduction of the lymph nodes too. Cleavers tea helps the human body in removing the waste from cells and tissues through urination. It has also proved to be a savior for people who have stones in their kidneys as it can dissolve that too. Moreover, cleavers herbal tea can also be super helpful in reducing prostate swelling. Thus, this herbal tea is a detox drink in itself and will help you stay fit and keep your lymphatic system proper this summer. 

2. Red Root Tea: Red Root is also famous as New Jersey Tea and it is great in helping and supporting proper functioning of the lymphatic system. Red root tea has proven to not only reduce swollen lymph nodes but has also been helpful in dissolving cysts, treating lymphatic congestion and solving the stagnation of fluids. It is also involved in sending nutrition to the tissues properly. Red Root tea is also used by a lot of people to treat tonsils and sinus as it has great immunity properties that help the human body in fighting off the infections. 

3. Echinacea Tea: Echinacea Tea is a great detox drink that supports the immunity system through cleansing the lymph fluid. This drink boosts the production of T-lymphocytes, which are responsible for cleansing the extra fluids while a person is involved in any illness. It also activates macrophages which don’t let the tumor cells invade or grow within the body. Echinacea Tea is considered as one of the best herbal teas and detox drinks that are capable of supporting the lymphatic system and prevent the human body in more than one way. When the immune system is indulged in cleaning the cells and tissues from any infection, after an illness, this tea literally aids in boosting the health and recovery.

4. Poke Root and Wild Indigo Tea: Poke root and wild indigo are considered as a very strong combination and they are amazing for the lymphatic system too. However, it is always considered great if this herbal tea is taken under the supervision of a proper professional. Poke root is specifically one of the best elements for solving swollen or hard lymph nodes. Usually the swollen lymph nodes make you feel feverish or you will feel an increase in your heartbeat rate in between the day. Poke root has been used for the red and swollen tissues of the throat, mammary glands and testicles. 

On the other hand, wild indigo is specifically used when there is sepsis in human tissues. It is also used when a person has very serious ulceration or blood poisoning. These sedations are obviously treated by a proper doctor or you have to be under a team at a hospital but you can ask your doctor if you can have this tea while you are under treatment. However, both of these herbal teas are not recommended to pregnant women as it can prolong periods and can cause a stir of great change in the menstrual cycle. 


Well, now you know which detox drinks aka herbal teas are great for supporting your lymphatic system and can help in making them run properly and efficiently. Swollen lymph nodes can be solved through these herbal teas and will bring ease in any pain that they cause. Thus, try them out and boost the productivity of your lymphatic system which in turn will make your immunity stronger and better. 

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