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From Fear to Love Course

  • Learn how to embody your true self on a day to day basis
  • Learn how to identify your fear based triggers and begin to dissipate them
  • Learn how to start to make decisions from a place of love, inner guidance, and confidence rather than fear and contraction

Renita Burgess

Author, Yoga Instructor, Psychic  

More Information About the Course

From Fear To Love is a course that I'm currently updating and will be a more robust course on how to begin to decondition yourself from the old way of seeing the world that prevents you from living authentically and more in alignment with your heart and soul. Here's what you receive when you purchase the course:

Video Lessons

The video lessons that I'm editing will go into Fear, Love, Detachment, Present Moment Awareness & much more. Guiding you into a more freedom based way of living.

Soul Sheets (Action Sheets)

The soul sheets are designed to help you implement what you learn in each lesson video

Bonus Audios & Videos

I recorded 2 live events that my Divine Team chimed in on that were totally transformative for me and those who attended. And I also added extra audios that are relevant to embarking and continuing on this journey.

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