Consultation Sessions


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You've landed here because you know that there's an easier way to approach your life and/or business. You know there's a flow, and yet you may feel disconnected from it or just in desire of some assistance to guide you back to your divinity so that life can feel more joyous, effortless, and free.


That's what Consultation Sessions are here for. To help you tune back into your innate wisdom and divine power that lies inside of you. You are indeed divine, but often times because of societal programming and just plain life on planet earth we aren't given the tools to truly navigate life so that it can be more joyous, peaceful, effortless, and liberating. These sessions are created to guide you back to yourself, to help you eliminate what may be stopping you from thriving in your life, health, career, business, or relationships, and helping you to tune into your own inner being and inner guru so that you can truly start to enjoy life and create from a space of freedom and deep inner knowing of who and what you really are.


If this interests you then click the button below to book your introductory session where we'll explore and help you align to your divinity in life or in business to allow more of what it is that you desire to truly experience in your human journey.

  1. Once you click the button you will be guided to checkout cart to make the investment of $397 for your session.
  2. After your payment has gone through you will be sent to a form to fill out in order for me to get to know you better.
  3. Afterwards you'll be directed to my calendar to book your session time (60-90 minutes).
  4. We'll have your session at the time booked and you'll receive a recording of our time together afterwards.


I'm fully aware that you are divine and will hold you in that light through our alignment session together. We can explore briefly what it is that you no longer like to experience, but majority of our session will be focused on helping you to focus on what it IS you WANT to experience and how to go about allowing that into your human journey. We'll discuss the 3-5 things that are most important to you and reverse engineer how to go about allowing these things into your experience vibrationally and strategically through actions that may be helpful for you.

As we work together, I invite you to always flow with what feels good and let go of what doesn't. If after our session together you'd like to book more sessions we can discuss that process as well as the investment if it's in your heart to want to continue to co-create and work together. 

I look forward to helping you thrive and create your divine life, health, career or business from the inside out.

Love & Light,