Hey You high achieving badass who

Secretly feels guilty for wanting more...

I hear you. You're ready to finally stop secretly feeling broken, end the chronically overworked, overly committed, and burnout cycle that is your day to day life, and finally feel freaking confident in yourself, your life path, and your choices. Why? So you can finally be fucking happy! 


You're tired of feeling lost, stuck, and constantly doubting yourself.

Yeah according to many you've got your shit together. You've got the car, the house, the career, and maybe even the kids and spouse, BUT when you look in the mirror you often feel empty, numb or plain dissatisfied with your life.

Even though you've 'checked all the boxes' outwardly, you wished this nagging feeling of "is this all there is to my life" would just go away or you'd find a magic wand that would just zap you out of this chronic feeling of "I'm not enough-ness" already!

you have this constant feeling of

You feel like you can't seem to figure out this thing called happiness, lasting fulfillment, and joy. And you're...

Tired of constantly second-guessing or doubting yourself. Year after year you still find yourself stuck in a people pleasing cycle of misery, and secretly find yourself replaying scenarios in your mind over and over because you care SO MUCH about what others think.

And if you were honest with yourself, you can't remember the last time you actually had fun and did something just for YOU, and just because YOU wanted to without the need to justify your choices or desires.

i see you

Does this sound familiar?

You find yourself feeling like a mute at work crippled by not being able to speak up for yourself because in a previous or current job you were berated and gossiped about by a narcissistic power hungry boss. And as a result find yourself taking on way too much than your job description even entails because boundaries don't feel like an option.

Or maybe you've had a dream to start a new doula or reiki service but your feelings of imposter syndrome is through the friggin roof, and you don't feel like you have what it takes to succeed - so why even try?.

Or maybe you are always being a sounding board and emotional cushion to that one sibling, co-worker, or friend but never receive the same in return and are too afraid of speaking up and voicing your discontent for the one-sided nature of your relationship because you don’t want to end up alone - cause deep down you don’t believe that relationships can be any better than this.

And even though you feel like life should be better, or that there's something more - deep down inside you feel: 

  • Guilt for wanting to pursue a new more fulfilling career 
  • Shame for being so unhappy even though you've "got it all"
  • Guilt for not wanting to spend time with that toxic family member
  • Shame for wanting time alone or time to pursue another passion
  • Guilt anytime you set a boundary, and shame for taking it back

And the thing is...

You're actually brilliant. You've got degrees, certifications, and/or years in your professional field, but this whole life fulfillment and healthy relationships thing has got you stumped.

You’ve tried talk therapy, personal development books and podcasts, mindset shifting tactics like affirmations and positive self talk and yet you still feel stuck and stagnant and like you'll never find a

Hey Love I totally feel you, because I've been in your shoes before really!


I help high achieving leaders and professionals who...

constantly second guess themselves, feel lost, stuck and stagnant, and find themselves in a cycle of people-pleasing and disconnected from their true selves; rediscover their innate divine power and move forward in creating the life, body, and businesses THEY WANT.

And the thing is... I used to feel lost, stuck, stagnant all the time and constantly doubted myself and decisions. I found myself years in a toxic relationship as well as having completely abandoned my heart’s dreams and desires and settling for a “nice paying career” and an unhappy relationship and living environment.

I felt miserable, I felt trapped, and I didn’t go anywhere or do anything that truly lit me up.

Those travel plans - gone by the wayside.

Those dreams of creating art and music - put on the forever back burner.

I was a shell of myself.

And I was sick and tired of it, and I was tired of feeling shame, guilt, or fear every time I was supposedly going against what everyone else's version of success was!

It came to a huge painful turning point when I turned 30. I had been in a long-term relationship for about 7 years at that point, I wasn't happy in my career, and I was so far from the version of myself that I used to know and adore that I even had developed a large ovarian cyst.

I realized if I kept going like this then I'd wake up another 20 years down the line, and nothing would've changed. So...

I let go of the guilt of pleasing my parents, the shame of not wanting to stay in a long-term seemingly "happy" relationship, and the fear of never doing work in the world that I loved.

I wanted a different story and different life. So...

And I embarked on a new journey. Here’s what I found…

So I threw myself into personal development and spirituality and...

  • I learned that I deserved happiness, fulfillment, and joy
  • I didn't have to wait till I was retired to prioritize my own needs
  • I wasn't selfish for establishing boundaries and saying "no" to shit that didn't light me up
  • And my joy, power, and fulfillment were in my own hands

And after many certifications, seminars, coaching classes and trainings I finally felt like myself again and started doing what brings me joy WITHOUT THE GUILT AND SHAME.

And after many aha's, insights, and breakdowns...

and power!

and that's exactly what I can show you to do too!

It's time to move you from being a fear-crippled, self-doubting, people-pleaser to a

Confident, well boundaried, icon

You know the kind that is the MAIN character of their own life, WITHOUT needing to turn into a narcissist, be completely self centered, or disregard all the achievements and good relationships you have made thus far.

It's time to help you radically be in love with YOU, as well as help you develop such clear and powerful connection with your intuition and your sense of self worth that making decisions feels effortless and having time for yourself, your dreams, and your wellbeing is not only a priority, but YOUR NEW NORMAL - new modus operandi.

Ready to make this your reality? GURRRL YES!

But first, let's dive into the elephant in the room.

Most of what you've been doing to address these issues have probably been centered on:

So why is it you're still stuck?

Well love...

Isn't just about shifting your mindset

That’s only one piece of the puzzle - it takes a full on mind, body, and spirit approach to actually see ACTUAL RESULTS. What I’ve created is a holistic solution that helps you learn about, and address every cause affecting your current life choices, decisions, habits, and behaviors so that you can create new positive and desired outcomes and lasting change in your life.

Outcomes like:

  • Standing up to your boss and telling him/her to do their job instead of shoving off their duties and responsibilities onto you.
  • Saying "no" to your sibling when they ask you to come to another family function, or take care of the family drama, where you know you'll be berated, disregarded, or disrespected.
  • Actually telling your partner about your ideas, desires, and opinions about life, religion, sex, traveling, and raising the kids, etc...
  • Telling that friend that only shows up when they want something or need financial or emotional support that you no longer feel that you are a match as friends; and wishing them all the best without malice, fear, or guilt
  • Finally having a heart-to-heart with that employee that you hired 6 months ago about their performance and the ramifications of their lack of  diligence moving forward without feeling like you're an asshole or having to walk on eggshells to protect the peace in your company culture.
  • And finally having a life where you wake up, do work you love in the world, have time to do things that ACTUALLY bring you joy, and have healthy fulfilling relationships (rather than situationships)... like taking that new pottery making class, signing up for that new career certification, going out to dinner with people you actually enjoy, or booking that trip to Egypt - or ALL that aaaaannnd MORE! 
  • And finally saying to yourself that...

and actually feeling like it's true in your mind, body, & spirit

Oops I haven't even introduced myself...

And the truth is...

I still have moments of self doubt and fear, but I don’t get trapped in a negative cycle or loop anymore that takes me off my life and soul’s trajectory for years.

Most of the time I’m flying high helping high achieving professionals like you create their divine lives, having fun creating art and music, traveling the world, and creating new memories with healthy loved ones.

My friends, family, and my parents think I’ve definitely changed for the better. And I definitely have!

so here's some fun facts about me:

Let's speed date:

I’m an Aries with a Libra Moon, cross between ENTP and an INFP, and “no” is my go-to word after “I’d love to”. 

Yes, I have strong boundaries, but I also know when to say “yes” and do things that light me up.


Rae-Rae (but only my dad is allowed to call me that ;)

Can Speak:

English, a bit of Spanish and like 2 phrases in French

Beverage of Choice:

Green Smoothie (I know, I’m THAT girl loll), or chai tea with almond milk creamer


TBD… Know someone loving and healthy, tall, handsome, and 6’2 or taller? Send him my way ;)

Guilty Pleasure:

Vegan treats (cookies, pies, and ice cream)

Hanging out in:

Atlanta, GA (but moving somewhere new soon)


Worked as a digital marketing manager at a university


Messy (sorry not sorry - thank God for professional cleaners!)


Sand, ocean, beach, a blanket, sunlight, and lots of naps


people pleaser, self abandoner, and inner shit talker

Blackbelt in:

Singing and making up tunes

Current Obsession:

K & C Dramas - it's a whole new world! ;)

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