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Hi, I’m Rachael and I’m on a mission to demystify Spirituality and make it simple and accessible for modern souls. I’m here to help you trust your intuition and create the life you want to live, using spiritual & divine laws as your guide.

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Happy Students

Thank you Rachael for this challenge! It was just what I needed to recharge and remember my purpose. Getting back to nature is where I was able to find my center so that I continue my work. I look forward to doing more challenges with you!

Ursula Foster

A week later I’m calmer, more attuned to my spirit self. I have manifested great business opportunities and to think a week ago I was so burnt out I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning, but it’s become easier since the challenge. It was also great to know that I wasn’t doing this alone. I’m a great starter but I’m bad at finishing. I’m proud of myself for seeing this through. I am changed and I wish to continue on the journey.

Lusanda Ncapayi

Before this challenge, I rarely ate veggies and added sugar to my fruits lol. I was very surprised to find a liking to the recommended recipes. The suggested Food shopping list was a very helpful guide. I had to step out of my comfort zone in going to grocery stores I’d usually would avoid.

I feel good… ( James Brown voice) Again, I don’t just feel good physically but mentally as well! My thoughts are clearer, Also my BF noticed the changed in my mood.

I wanted to challenge my self to ACTUALLY finish something that I started. I wanted a change in how I felt overall. This gave me the courage and confidence to making positive changes within myself and with All Things. I’m Glad I said yes, because I woke up everyday, excited to see what new recipes I would make for the day. and Everyday got a little better.

Courtney Kova Walker

Divine Earth School is the online school for modern day education that equips you with all the knowledge and tools to create an extraordinary life and business through shift in consciousness and higher learning. It is a school designed after ancient wisdom that had been forgotten, and is so desperately in need of the new realities that we are co-creating on our planet today.

Our courses and programs are divided into four categories: Mind, Body, Soul, & Business. Start today by enrolling in one of our mini courses, challenges, or grab one of our divine downloads!

Hey I’m Rachael Alexander,

Artist, Spiritual Teacher & Transformational Life Coach here at Divine Earth School & I help beautiful souls like you who feel lost, confused, and stuck tap back into their innate wisdom and truth so they can allow more of what their heart and souls truly desire.

For over 11+ years I’ve been actively on the spiritual path looking for guidance in how to make life easy, simple, joyful, yet fulfilling but life wasn’t easy. It was hard and full of misaligned choice after misaligned choice. It wasn’t until I went inward did I find the ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS I was seeking. Let me show you how.


Happy Students


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Rachael Alexander is an International Performing Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor (Spiritual Teacher with Flair). She helps Mosaic Souls (multipassionate creative spiritual people) to realize their full potential in every area of their lives; from holistic health to spirituality and business. A trained health and transformational coach, spiritual teacher, serial entrepreneur, singer-composer, musician, artist, and professional photographer & brand specialist, Rachael invites Mosaic Souls to uncover their divine essence and purpose by recognizing that they are already whole and divinely created. She advocates that abundance and love are our natural states of being and we only need to go within to realize and actualize these truths. She is the creator of EndigoRae.com & Divine Earth School & Endigo Rae TV. She looks forward to helping you realize your true essence and purpose in life & business.