Do you find yourself feeling unfulfilled, stuck, or subconsciously like you don’t deserve happiness in your life. In this video, I’ll share 5 ways settling shows up in your life + my top ways to stop.

The 5 Ways

  • Not pursuing the career you really want – yes maybe you have a cushy job that pays you six figures but in your heart of hearts you’re not really satisfied (talk about Jason old co-worker)
  • Not having the best relationship of your life – Either staying in toxic relationships or staying alone because you’re too scared to enter into a relationship, or letting the relationship you do have stagnant and go stale
  • Body: You’ve aced your other areas but dramatically fallen off the wagon with your body: you’ve gained over 10 pounds, just chalked it up to aging or getting older, you find yourself often skipping meals and staying high on coffee and caffeine, not feeling your best, dealing with womb issues, or other chronic health issues – just feeling plain blah
  • You’ve been wanting to start that new hobby or creative project for years at this point but with the hustle and bustle of life you haven’t
  • When’s the last time you actually had fun and enjoyed your life. Not going out and getting drunk to numb the pain, but clean genuine healthy fun. You haven’t traveled like you said you wanted to or gone to see that play or orchestra concert, you’ve sacrificed your passions for comfort subconsciously believing you don’t deserve to have it all

How To Stop Settling

  • Own Your Deservedness: Recognize that you deserve what your heart wants – you didn’t come here to suffer, struggle, or deny your soul desires. You came to embody your divinity while in human form. And there’s nothing divine about believing you are unworthy of your desires.
  • Educate yourself: what are the options available to you? For the first example with switching careers or starting a new business are you lacking confidence because you’re lacking competence? Then do the things necessary to up level your competence and confidence. For the 2nd example If you’ve spent your life mastery your skills for your career you probably aren’t a relationship expert- so discover what you need to create healthy relationships and end unwanted patterns. Same goes for your body and wanting to achieve more life fulfillment. The best way I believe you can do this is by working with a coach who can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Why? Because this leads me to point #3
  • Get Support: I believe the best way to fast track your success is to get a competent and successful coach in the area that you’re looking to improve on. Why? Because coaches offer not only the education and new information piece but also the support, guidance, encouragement, and accountability that you wouldn’t just get from signing up to a stand-alone course. My very first coach I hired was at $2k and I was 21 years old.
  • Dive Deep: Do the deep inner healing work that’s necessary to create lasting change. Hopefully whatever coach you decide to work with also in competent in creating lasting change and understands that in order to do that you not only have to help you change your mind but also your subconscious and it’s affects on the body.
  • Do The Work: Go after what you want period. You’ve by now hopefully developed confidence and competence and courage and new ways of thinking now it’s time to shake your money maker and do the thing you actually want. Book that trip for you and the kids to see the Egyptian pyramids, Sign up for that high ticket coaching program, Take that new certification for your new career path, Buy those season tickets to the local orchestra and actually go, Create weekly date nights for you and your spouse, Sign up for that dating app and actually go on dates, hire that fitness coach and she’s those pounds baby. This step is all about taking inspired action.

Ready For Change?

  1. If you’re ready to learn the exact blueprint I walk my clients through to create unshakable self confidence and finally start living the life they deserve then join my free masterclass at www.divineearthschool.com/get-unstuck.
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