3 Ways To Kick Your Unhealthy Habits To The Curb

Written By Rachael Alexander

Hey there, beautiful!

We all have habits, some not so pleasant. But guess what? You have the power to change them in just two weeks with some strict adherence and a little bit of love. Are you a nail biter, a pen clicker, or a YouTube binge-watcher?

Just because it’s a habit doesn’t mean it can’t be broken. It’s time to kick those bad habits to the curb and embrace your best self!

1.Recognize and Reflect: The first step to breaking a bad habit is to catch it in action. Pay attention to what’s happening right before you start that habit. There’s always a reason behind it. Maybe you click your pen when you’re stressed about a deadline, or you overeat during in tough situations, or grab an entire bottle of wine each night to drown out the intense emotions from an unhappy relationship. Identifying these triggers is the key to understanding and eventually eliminating the habit.

2.Redirect with Purpose: Once you’ve pinpointed when and why your habit occurs, it’s time to redirect your energy. If you’re a nail biter when deadlines loom, grab a stress ball and give it a squeeze. Then, focus on making a detailed plan to tackle your task. Or if you’re a stress drinker, grab a journal and go outside armed with some cathartic music and let your feelings through.  This way, you’re not just avoiding the habit; you’re replacing it with something productive and calming. 

3.Small Changes, Big Impact: Tweak your routine to set yourself up for success. If you overeat while watching TV, try turning off the screen during meals and enjoy your food at the dining table. Combat those bad habits with healthy alternatives—have some nutritious snacks on hand instead of chips, or keep stress management tools within reach.

When you feel the urge to slip back into old habits, don’t fight it with suppression. Acknowledge what you’re feeling and gently redirect your actions.

4.Celebrate Your Success: Reward yourself for every step forward.

After a week of not biting your nails or avoiding those late-night snacks, treat yourself! Whether it’s a spa day, a fresh manicure, or even a little nice cream (non-dairy), celebrate your progress. You deserve it!

Remember, beautiful soul, breaking bad habits is all about understanding, redirecting, and rewarding yourself. You’ve got this!

Embrace your journey to healthier habits with love and patience. 💖✨

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It’s your turn!

What unhealthy habit are you ready to let go of this year? Let us know in the comments below!


Hey there! I'm Rachael Alexander, the founder of Divine Earth School. And I help powerful Gods & Goddesses like you awaken to your true soul self, take back power over your life, stop feeling crappy all the time, and start living your life for you so you can be confident, clear, and certain enough to create your dream life and start finally feeling happy and fulfilled. I'm a Spiritual teacher, Certified Life, Health, & Transformation Coach, and Business Mentor and it's an honor and privilege to guide you back to your most powerful asset that you have - YOU! 


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