Today, I’m excited to share something special—a deep dive into the “3 Spiritual Principles To Allow More Of What You Desire in 2024 and Beyond.” These principles have been a game-changer in my life, and I believe they can bring about a profound shift in yours as well.

1. Know Thyself

The journey begins with self-discovery. It’s about remembering who you truly are. Understanding that you are an infinite

being with the power to shape your reality fundamentally changes your perspective. You are not just a mere human subject to life’s circumstances; you are a powerful creator. The choice is yours: victim consciousness or freedom consciousness. Remember, you are worthy, deserving, and entirely capable.

2. Accept Yourself

Doubt, fear, and scarcity are signals that your vibrational frequency is out of sync with your soul’s perspective. Instead of resisting these emotions, see them as opportunities for growth and alignment with your higher self. Your emotional guidance system is always working, guiding you toward areas for growth and expansion.

3. Actualize Yourself – Master Your Meaning

The stories you tell yourself are the stories you live. Craft narratives that align with the life you want to lead. Recognize that the past and future exist only in the present moment. Operate from this moment, grounded in an inner knowing of who you are. This is more powerful than taking action from a place of victim fear-based consciousness.

How to Implement These Spiritual Principles in Your Life

1. Discover Who You Are

Reflect on the beliefs you hold about yourself. What were you taught, and what do you truly believe? If these beliefs contradict your heart’s desires, it’s time for a reassessment and shift. Develop a belief system that supports the person you want to become.

2. Vibrational Detective Work

Regularly examine your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Don’t allow denser vibrations to set up camp in your consciousness. Be a detective, carefully examining and transforming any thoughts that don’t align with your desired reality. Learn the art of self-regulation and emotional and mental regulation.

3. Release Attachment to HOW

While it’s fine to have goals and intentions, don’t fixate on how they should manifest. Trust the infinite possibilities available to you. Intuitive living is about allowing what already wants to happen through you to unfold. You are like an acorn destined to be an oak tree, with a blueprint for success, love, joy, abundance, and well-being already within you.

4. Act in Accordance with Your True Self

Embodying your true self means aligning your actions with who you know you truly are. Evaluate your actions and approach to life, ensuring they align with a state of love, abundance, and well-being. Watch as the universe reflects these qualities back to you.

I encourage you to watch the video for a more in-depth exploration of these principles. Here’s to a year filled with authenticity, abundance, and joy!

Until next time,

Rachael Alexander, Spiritual Life, Wellness, & Business Coach

Divine Earth School