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It’s time to stop settling and prioritize your dream life.

Helping high achieving spiritual leaders & professionals rediscover their confidence, unlock their self worth, discover and live out their divine life purpose. 

Its time to stop second guessing yourself

Watch my Free Masterclass: Get Unstuck, Clear, & Confident to discover the blueprint to get you out of feeling stuck, lost, and unsure about the life you want to create and into confidence, clarity, and action towards living your dream life without spending years in people pleasing or talk therapy.

Welcome to Divine Earth School

I'm Rachael Alexander, and I help high achieving spiritual professionals get confident, clear and create radical self worth so they can live out their divine life purpose and get out of the cycle of self doubt, people pleasing, and self abandonment.

My approach is to help you get to the root of why you feel lost, stuck, stagnant and unfulfilled, not just through theoretical applications but also through trauma-informed evidence based methods for healing lack of confidence, anxiety, chronic overwhelm, codependent patterns, and low self worth so that you can create the best relationship that you've ever had with YOURSELF, create a lasting legacy of living your life's purpose, and create healthy and meaningful reciprocal relationships without fear moving forward.

you deserve to be the person who knows who You are and where You’re going in Your life.

Never get plagued by the constant questions of “is this what the rest of my life will be?” or "what am I doing with my life?" again!

I’ll show you how to get clarity on your divine gifts and life’s direction, gain confidence in who you are and what you want, and feel in alignment to share your light out into the world.

The question is...

Are you ready to fire the inner critic in your head?

HI I’M RACHAEL ALEXANDER, TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE & CONFIDENCE COACH and I help high achieving empathic professionals in transition:

discover their life's direction, set healthy boundaries, learn how to say no without being an ass, and learn to be more kind to themselves

eliminate negative self talk, cultivate amazing self-confidence, and fall in love with yourself without becoming a narcissist 

get out of being stuck, stagnant, and in procrastination so they can kick perfectionism to the curb and embrace more joy in the journey

go after dreams with confidence, create more positive relationships, eliminate burnout and fatigue that comes with people pleasing, and finally stand up for themselves and let go of self comparison and caring what others think

It’s time to stop:

  • Waiting to be happy
  • Waiting for retirement to be free
  • Postponing your dreams 
  • Second guessing yourself
  • Committing to everyone else’s agenda other than your own 
  • Settling for less than what you desire

Your life is in your hands, and it’s up to you to take 100% responsibility as the divine sovereign being you were born to be.

But how?

don't take my word for it

love notes

Lisa Gonzalez

data analysis

This is a big commitment, but I know this can cost a lot more than what you're charging...I know this right. But most people will be like "What the heck? You're going to see a who? a what? I could tell you this and that!" But I'm like: you don't know how valuable it is until you put your money where your mouth is. And when you lay it down you can blow it over here or over there, and That's not nourishing me - THIS is nourishing me. Through working with Rachael I was able to look at myself more and actually start to focus on me more. I started doing more things for me and stopped stressing out about things. Now I learned it's all about "What I allow you to do to me" now, and the power is in my hands.

Roni Walker

Artist & Intuitive

Clarity is the key word to describe working with Rachael Alexander.

I had so many businesses and opportunities swimming around in my head. Great ideas great online tools. The tools I was getting from other people were far ahead of where I was.

I was just dealing with a big jigsaw puzzle. My experience with Rachael, brought everything together for me, brought out of me a linear, maybe a circular concept of all the bits of me that wanted to come out and shine, to help people in so many different ways.

It was like we put all those jigsaw puzzle pieces together to make one beautiful, big picture. Now instead of sitting at home in overwhelm, I'm out there making a business and helping people and shining. Wow, it's wonderful. Thank you so much Rachael Alexander.

so you’ve turned

to spirituality to gain a deeper sense of peace, fulfillment, purpose, passion, zest for life , and joy.

And yet something's not quite right, right? You’ve read the personal development and spirituality books, watched Iyanla Fix my life, and even tried a couple spiritual practices but you still feel like you’re not living up to your full potential or like you’re not doing what you really want to be doing but can’t seem to make a breakthrough.

So what gives?

the only one that can fix your life is YOU love, but you don't have to do it alone.

And honestly, You haven’t yet made the choice to finally say enough is enough and say yes to your heart.That’s why I HELP my clients take meaningful action, and show as much conviction, care, and commitment to their inner wellbeing as they give to their day jobs, family members, or other obligations.

so they can truly thrive:

  • Doing work that lights them and the world up while having healthy boundaries and time for mind, body, and spiritual self care
  • Being focused on the activities that brings them joy and gives them energy rather than drain them
  • Trusting their own inner guidance and compass for their next steps and day to day priorities
  • Embodying their soul gifts and allowing abundance to flow to and through them without working so damn hard

 get started here

Ready to let go of the regrets, wasted potential, and “what-if’s”?

It’s Time To Say Yes To You & Learn The Key Steps My Clients Take To Eliminate Negative Self Talk, People Pleasing, Self Doubt, & Procrastination So They Can Realize Their Dreams.

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